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Gina Vucci
By Gina Vucci
Author, Speaker, Activist, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager at The Shift Network


Are you intrigued by homeopathy and flower essences? Curious how they work?

And do you wonder what the difference is between a flower essence and essential oil from the same flower?

It’s Spring here in California and following a heavy season of rain, the flowers are incredible... in fact, there are wildflower blooms so large, they can be seen from space!

This time of year, it’s wonderful to be outside and drink in the sweet smell of your garden and enjoy the immediate change in your mood by simply being surrounded by flowers...

What if you could harness the healing power of your garden all year round? From BOTH the essence of the flower AND the oil?

In this 8-minute video, Sara Crow, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with extensive training in both Eastern and Western medical approaches, reveals the healing power of the flower — from essence to oil.

Watch as Sara gives an in-depth breakdown of energetic floral medicine, including how essences are created (including dew-gathering!), and how to use flower essences to transform your mind, emotions and spirit.

She also shares key insights on the pharmaceutical-level strength of botanical medicine in essential oils — and how to use them safely.

Plus Sara reveals the #1 flower for activating the healing power of your mind... which also brings emotional relief from past trauma including heartbreak, sorrow and grief.

Don’t miss these highlights that Sara covers in this powerful 8-minute video:

  • (1:36) What is energetic floral medicine?
  • (3:16) How can flower essences AND essential oils help you?
  • (4:40) How to use flower essences to bring you mental clarity, calm your emotions and lift your mood.
  • (5:51) What can bees tell us about flower communication?
  • (7:50) Discover the #1 flower for activating the healing power of your mind (and alleviating grief).

Nearly every culture, for hundreds of years, has used flowers to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. Now you can tap into the life force energy of flowers to heal you, your family and the world around you...

Do you have a flower essence healing story? What’s your go-to essential oil when stressed? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover surprising insights and nourishing daily recipes to build your own plant-powered pharmacy for radiant health and wellbeing in Sara Crow’s FREE class Accessing Nature’s Healing Pharmacy: How to Unlock the Medicinal & Nutritional Secrets of Herbs & Flowers for Health, Longevity & Spiritual Growth.

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