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2 Energy Practices for Accessing Natural States of Bliss & More Vibrant Health
Lisa Bonnice
By Lisa Bonnice
Shift Network Program Host & Writer

Life is hard right up until the moment it isn't. — Dr. Sue Morter

Ever feel like your efforts to manifest a healthier, happier life meet with resistance for reasons you just can’t seem to pinpoint?

Well, the source is often found in disruptions in your energy patterns, according to Dr. Sue Morter, founder of the Morter Institute for Bioenergetics and Healing and an internationally recognized authority on bridging science, spirit and human possibility.

Dr. Sue's powerful fix for this dilemna is a method she calls the “Energy Codes” — a series of bioenergetic practices which can extend the kind of blissful states you find in meditation into your daily life and restore your connection with your innate wholeness.

Bioenergetics may sound like a daunting word, but it simply means transforming your energy field through resolving blocks and tension in your body.

And working with Energy Codes — which blends scientific, therapeutic and mystical modalities — can help you break free from long-held limitations, self-sabotaging behaviors, and stress-related illness….

What's more, clearing the energy blocks inhibiting the expression of your true nature allows what you most desire in your life to become attainable.

Through a series of simple steps, you can actually change your energy field, connect with your own natural bliss, and access higher states of consciousness.

(And below, you’ll find 2 sample practices Dr. Sue suggests.)

Combining over three decades of medical and metaphysical knowledge with potent breathing techniques, Dr. Sue has helped thousands of people understand what it really means to “create your own reality” — and lock a more satisfying reality into place, permanently.

Her work is based on the concept that we came into this world with the ability to flow with nature….

And by utilizing specific conscious breathing techniques, guided meditation and movement therapy, she explains, you can draw yourself out of your mind and into the present moment, where timeless joy resides.

Here are 2 simple breathing techniques which Dr. Sue recommends:

1.  Central Channel Breath

The Central Channel Breath technique allows you to move energy up and down through your body, connecting the energies resonating beyond the physical realm to supportive energies from within the Earth itself.


2.  Mula Bandha

The second technique, Mula Bandha (a Sanskrit term meaning “root lock”), helps to lock your consciousness down into your body, instead of in your head where many of us spend most our time, fretting and worrying.

By doing so, you lock your conscious desires for vibrant health and a natural state of bliss into your physical form, where they can then begin to manifest in the physical world.


In addition to breathing techniques, Dr. Sue recommends these 7 simple stress-reducers which can immediately make a difference in your energy body, producing more vibrant health and happiness:

1.  EAT foods that alkalize the body and require minimal work and energy to break down and digest. Such foods include almonds and almond milk, avocados, buckwheat, gluten-free breads and quinoa.

2.  DRINK 10 glasses of plain, unflavored water per day. And remember to drink BEFORE you're thirsty.

3.  BREATHE first from the belly and not in the chest. Doing so sets the autonomic (automatic) nervous system into healing mode.

4.  THINK from the perspective that everything in life is pointing you toward knowing your magnificence, rather than beating you down. You'll feel less stressed and more blessed!

5.  EXERCISE to a sweat every day for a minimum of 20 minutes. To be safe, make sure you're able to carry on a conversation while you exert yourself.

6.  REST for at least eight hours; with at least five hours of those hours uninterruped. If you can’t stay asleep for five consecutive hours, stop consuming stimulants: coffee, tea, sugar, soda, etc.

7.  LOVE like nothing can keep you from it. Unconditional Love shifts the nervous system into healing mode and sustains it unlike anything else!

PS - Enjoy Dr. Sue's insights, practices and tips included above? If so, you're invited to download her free, hour-long audio, Unlocking Your Energy Codes:


Lisa Bonnice
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