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Unlock the Power of Your Dreams to Manifest the Life You Most Want
Gina Vucci
By Gina Vucci
Author, Speaker, Activist, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager at The Shift Network

What is it you most want to create for yourself right now?

Vibrant health, financial abundance or freedom from stress?

A partner, your life’s work, a community of like-minded individuals?

Or what about manifesting your vision for the world? 

Now, what if the keys to manifesting these desires were held within your dreams... and that you could actually dream these into being?

In a culture of goal setting, that values drive and achievement, it’s easy to think that in order to “make something happen” or to bring about change, we need to strategize, and schedule, and make checklists… which comes with worry and stress.

However, we actually have the ability to tap into our dreamlife — when we’re awake and asleep — for guidance, support and direction.

In fact, when we’re dreaming, we have the ability to “travel ahead,” to get information about what lies before you and what obstacles to avoid. And, we can use active, lucid dreaming to hold a vision so clear in our mind, that we draw it to ourselves with ease — or lead ourselves on a clear path to it.

Once you begin to tap into the wisdom of your dreams, you begin to realize you are never alone… you can connect with guides and “soul family” to receive additional guidance and direction, including clear signs and indicators through your daily life and activities.

In this 6-minute audio, Shamanic Dream Teacher, Robert Moss shows how dreaming is journeying to where your greatest truths lie and that by listening to the soul wisdom of your dreams, you can gain important insights to manifest and live a fulfilling and joyous life that — until now — you may have never thought possible.

Here’s just a few of the highlights Robert touches on in this powerful audio:

(:42)   — How you can travel ahead of yourself in your dreams to manifest all that’s possible for your future
(1:23) — The cutting-edge of physics and tapping into quantum mechanics to manifest with ease
(2:20) — The art of imagination and your power to co-create (and claim!) what your heart most desires
(4:32) — Allowing yourself to receive and indulge in ALL that’s being given to you
(5:44) — Discover how the universe is organizing around your success

Discover the power of shamanic dreaming techniques for soul remembering and unlock your abilities to travel to the past, future and parallel worlds to access wisdom, meet your spiritual family, and create your soul’s deepest desires — with Robert Moss, during his FREE mini-workshop: Dream Journey to Your Soul, Active Dreaming Techniques to Meet Your Soul Family, Become a Time Traveler & Expand Your Powers of Manifestation

Have you been touched by Robert’s teachings in this audio or elsewhere? How has dreaming helped you to manifest your life, your relationships, your work in the world? Share your comments below!