1 Simple Practice to Transform Your Beliefs & Unblock Your Road to Success

1 Simple Practice to Transform Your Beliefs & Unblock Your Road to Success

Lion Goodman
Lion Goodman:
Personal Development Teacher & Creator of the BeliefCloset Process

Why do some people seem to achieve their dreams more effortlessly than others?

Most of us have at least one thing we want in our lives — one BIG thing that you’re striving for — that somehow is riddled with roadblocks, barriers and resistance that appear to be out of your control. You just can’t seem to succeed, or achieve or get it.

You may find yourself saying...

I want a great relationship, but I can’t find the right partner.

I want to lose weight, but I can’t stay on my diet.

I want a better job, but there aren’t any good ones.

These may seem like simple truths, but they’re actually just beliefs... 

...the kind of beliefs which create negative feelings, the desire to give up, and consistent evidence that the belief is true.

Or, you may have a goal that seems perfectly achievable, and a list of things to do to reach it, however, you just don’t do some of them.

You have doubts, or second thoughts about your goal. You can’t seem to get any forward movement. You get distracted, or find a hundred other things to do instead.

Above are examples of two kinds of resistance, internal and external, which appear automatically, and naturally. And almost everyone experiences them at one time or another.

But the difference between successful people and those who are not successful is that successful people have ways and methods to deal with the normal resistance, blocks and barriers that come up — whereas unsuccessful people get stopped by them.

The good news is that you can learn to remove those obstacles that appear to prevent you from achieving your greatest goals. You simply need to learn methods for clearing the beliefs that have caused them to appear in the first place. Then, delete them, one by one.

The way clears. New opportunities open. Forward movement becomes effortless.

With this skill, nothing can stand in your way!

I want to share a practice that will help you effectively deal with your limiting beliefs, but first, let’s talk a little more about why your beliefs are SO important….

You’ve probably heard this idea: “Your beliefs create your reality.” It turns out that this is literally true — although not in the way most people think about it.

Beliefs are more than just thoughts or ideas about what’s true. Beliefs are the building blocks of our experiences — the internal infrastructure of who you are, how you show up, and how you interact with the world.

They are the construction material we use to build our thoughts and perceptions. Beliefs are the alphabet we use to create the language of our experience.

That’s how deep beliefs go. They go all the way down to the foundation of our consciousness.

And here’s an uncomfortable truth:

Every limitation, block and barrier you experience is produced by a limiting belief inside of you.

Here’s some quick relief:  It’s not your fault.

Most of the beliefs you have, deep inside your subconscious mind, were programmed into you as a child by other people — people who thought you needed them to survive.

Here’s some more relief:  You CAN change the beliefs that aren’t working for you anymore.

Most of us run into blocks and barriers when we decide to change our life for the better.

It usually goes something like this….

You decide to move forward in your life. You initiate something new, and you’re immediately confronted by doubts, inner conflict, resistance and critical voices in your head.

You may feel blocked, pushed back, or stopped in your tracks. Do you dig in and fight with those forces? Or decide to give up, because it’s easier than fighting? You may think, “I know I’ll never succeed. So why bother trying?”

Or, you get excited by what’s possible, and you take action. You start making some progress. Then, problems and issues begin to appear.

You start handling the problems, as best you can, but your forward progress gets halted. You look for leverage. Pretty soon, something else becomes more important, and you decide to do something else instead — something that looks easier.

Or, perhaps the problems you face moving forward are external to you… you don’t have the resources you need, and you can’t get them. Other people start interfering with your plans. You have to deal with uncooperative institutions or regulations.

It sure looks real, doesn’t it? You feel like a victim, and those “others” are perpetrating the blocks. But is that true?

Every type of interference — both internal and external — can be overcome. When you clear your internal interference, the external world changes, too.

Even other people respond to you differently!

You may be saying: “Okay, I get it. My beliefs create my reality. So how can I change my beliefs?” (Hopefully, you’re saying that!)

All that is required is to delete the beliefs that create what you don’t want in your life, and replace them with beliefs that create what you DO want.

I have helped thousands of people delete and replace their limiting beliefs. I want to share this practice with you so you can begin to clear and replace your old, limiting, and negative beliefs — one at a time.

It’s called the “BeliefCloset Process,” and here’s a brief introduction to it, where I provide you with a sample of this powerful approach.

The BeliefCloset Process + Practice with Lion Goodman

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