10 Keys to Reclaiming the Power of the Divine Feminine in Your Life & (why it’s so important you do)

10 Keys to Reclaiming the Power of the Divine Feminine in Your Life & (why it’s so important you do)

Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey:
Founder Institute of Sacred Activism

What does the feminine have to do with the future of our world?


I truly believe that the well-being of humanity depends on how richly, passionately and radically we can imagine, invoke and enact the laws and vision of the sacred feminine in every aspect of reality.

(And below, you’ll find 10 suggestions for fully reconnecting with the lost power of the divine feminine in your life...)

All the clearest insights and highest awakenings of all the traditions that celebrate the sacred feminine and Divine Mother now must be fused together.

It’s time to unite in an all-embracing and all-encompassing knowledge of the separate ways of knowing her:

  • We need a traditional Hindu vision of the all-transcendent Kali.
  • We need the aboriginal celebration of Kanyini and the way of life that springs from a profound knowledge of interconnection.
  • We need the Sufi understanding of the transformative powers of suffering from love.
  • We need the Mahayana Buddhist knowledge of the void as mother, Sunyata as the birthing force of the consciousness to Buddhahood.
  • We need the sacred mystery of the Chinese vision of the Tao.
  • And we need a restored Mary and a restored Christ.


We need all the help we can get to make conscious and full the radical range of the great and healing mystery of the sacred feminine — a mystery we have betrayed for so long but must now reclaim in its completeness or, I fear, will die out.

This is why, dear friends, I’m offering you these sacred suggestions of the Divine Mother at this moment when we face the glorious possibility of using the extremity of our world crises to drive us into a full reclamation of the power of the divine feminine.

(I’m sharing these as if spoken in the Mother’s voice, so you can really feel them as a transmission from her.)

10 Sacred Suggestions of the Divine Mother

1. I am the Mother. I am both transcendent and immanent source and all that streams from it. I am one with all things in creation and one in boundless light within and beyond it. Adore me.


Mother Nature — Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
2. Adore every being and thing, from the whale to the ladybird, as life of my life. I am appearing in everything as everything.


Spiritual Healing — Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
3. Honor yourself humbly as my divine child and see, know and celebrate all other beings as my divine children. Whatever you do to or for anyone, you do to or for me.


Mother Nature — Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
4. See through constant practice of adoration that nature is the sacred body of my sacred light and do everything at all times to honor its laws, which are my laws, and to protect it from destruction. I and you and nature are one love, one glory. Protecting nature is protecting yourselves.


Religion — Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
5. Dissolve forever all schisms and separations between sects and religions. Whatever you adore is a faith in and of me. Everyone is on his or her own unique path. Know that there are as many paths as there are people.


Christ Consciousness — Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
6. Dissolve forever through repeated holy inner experience of unity all barriers between what has been called sacred and what has been called profane. Know the whole of life as my feast. Realize ordinary life as an unbroken flow of normal miracle.


Christ Consciousness — Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
7. End all hatred of the body, all guilt and sexual shame, and discover and celebrate my sacred Eros and all its ecstatic connections and revelation. Preserve its purity and power in my name with truth and fidelity and mutual honor.


Religion — Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
8. Unlearn all the religious propaganda that tries to tell you that you need intermediaries in your relationship with me. I can be contacted by anyone anywhere at any time and in any circumstance simply by saying my name however you imagine it. No intermediaries, no gurus, priests, experts are ever needed. You and I are always already one.


Goddess — Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
9. Do not make of my worship another dogma, another mind prison. Remember always there is no mother without the father, no goddess without god. I do not want a new religion in my name. I want the whole of experience on the Earth to become holy and integrated in love.

I want the return of harmony and sacred peace and balance, the union of the sacred marriage of greatest depths and in every one of masculine and feminine, Earth and heaven, body and soul, heart and intellect, prayer and action.

Men are as much my children as women. The wound of the loss of the Mother is felt by women as well as men. Any separatist, prejudiced or one-sided attempt to worship me worships only a distorted image of me. Dare to know me in my full majesty and all-encompassing humility, and know that there is never any end to the journey into me and that the conditions for that journey are ever deepening faith, radical trust and radical humility.

Love — Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
10. If you trust and love me, put your trust and love into action in every aspect of your life — emotional, sexual, spiritual, social, political — with my passion, my clarity, my unsentimental practicality. Know that my revelation is a revolution, a revolution that demands calmly a transformation of all the terms and conditions of life on Earth. Establish justice for all in my world in my name and in my spirit of all-embracing, inexhaustible compassion.

Let no one be poor or discriminated against. May all sentient beings everywhere be cherished and safe and protected from harm by law and by love. Turn to me now and I will fill you with all the grace, strength, courage and passion you need to transform the world at every level into a living mirror of my truth, my love, and my justice. If you truly change, you truly love me. If you truly love me, if you truly love me, change everything.


I hope you find that the wisdom of the Divine Mother I’ve just shared can support you on your path.

I personally believe it’s because the divine motherhood of God has been largely ignored, repressed — or even demonized — by the main Christian churches and mystical systems, that true Christ Consciousness has not yet come forth in humanity with its full revolutionary power.

If you’re not already familiar with it...

The goal of Christ Consciousness — seeded by Jesus’ own radiant example — is the creation of a radical, revolutionary life of love in action.

Equally essential is the sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine, at every level and in every dimension.

The re-invocation of God as mother as well as father — and an incessant demand for compassion, justice and equality to be the laws that must govern all areas of life — will transfigure all the existing forms of Christianity...

  • It will undo the misogyny, racism and homophobia that disgraced nearly all the churches and denominations created in Christ's name.

  • It will explode all the sex and body hatred that has disfigured, warped, and sometimes wholly destroyed, the inner lives of millions of Christians over the ages.

  • It will dissolve the all-male hierarchies that exclude women and denigrate their holy passion, wisdom and spiritual genius for bearing, cherishing and furthering life in all its forms.

    Christ Consciousness — Reclaim the Divine Feminine

  • It will reveal to everyone — whatever their color or status or caste or sexuality — their natural unity and equality.

  • It will end the glamor of all forms of external authority and so make possible, at last, the world-wide radical democracy of the Kingdom-Queendom.

And it will arouse the awareness of all beings to the glory of creation and the sanctity of all sentient beings...

...and so inspire whatever drastic or sacrificial actions might be necessary to preserve the environment and safeguard human, divine life and evolution and God.

However, this cannot occur unless the divine motherhood is acknowledged in all its wonder and beauty — and all of the exquisite facets of the sacred feminine are entirely and consciously blessed, welcomed and celebrated.

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