2 Herbal Brain Foods to Nourish & Refresh Your Cognitive Function

2 Herbal Brain Foods to Nourish & Refresh Your Cognitive Function

Erin Harris
Erin Harris:
Shift Team Writer

Are you finding it hard to stay focused, or to think on your feet when you’re stressed?

Have you noticed changes in your memory and recall?

Maybe you have mood changes that ebb and flow with your monthly cycle, or that started suddenly during menopause. Or you might wake up in the night and have trouble getting back to sleep...

We all experience changes in our brain health as we age — or even as we ride the waves of stress at any time in life.

These changes can affect your mental performance, memory, cognitive function, and mood... but there’s GOOD NEWS.

The range of brain foods in your kitchen... at your local farmers’ market... or in your favorite forest can help you ease stress, slow down the natural course of aging, mitigate the effects of hormone shifts, and keep your brain clear, sharp, and adaptable.

In this quick 4-minute video, Dr. Mary Bove, herbalist, naturopathic physician, and director of medical education at Gaia Herbs, reveals how you can nourish your brain with two powerful foods AND a variety of aromatic herbs — to feed your cells and support blood, nutrient, and oxygen circulation.

Listen in for Dr. Bove’s insight into just two tasty foods to refresh your brain health. She also shares guidance on how to prepare these medicinal foods, where to source them, and how to flavor them to nourish your brain AND your gut.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:49) — Two ways to use plants as food medicine
  • (1:01) — A traditional but unusual way to take Gotu Kola
  • (1:29) — The medicinal fungi for directly affecting brain function (Hint: It’s not Rishi mushroom!)
  • (2:22) — What to flavor medicinal mushrooms with
  • (3:15) — What research is showing about an increasingly popular mushroom

And keep an ear out for 2:35, where Mary explains exactly how aromatic herbs enhance the brain-nourishing function of these two plants.

If you want to prevent memory decline, relieve mood swings, or just feel refreshed for optimum function, FEED your brain to ignite happy, healthy synapses...

Mary’s wisdom comes from more than 40 years of herbalism experience and 25 years as a naturopathic physician. Drawing on the latest botanical research and her long-held skill at developing herbal formulas, she offers passionate, practical insight that can guide YOU in choosing the right herbs for a lively, joyful brain.

Do you have a story about how food affects the brain? What do you eat to feel happy and think clearly? We’d love to hear from you!

Explore the bounty of medicinal herbs that can help you improve your memory, slow down the effects of aging, and support your mood and mental clarity. You’re invited to join Mary’s FREE upcoming workshop: Discover Medicinal Herbs for Better Brain Health: How to Enhance Your Mood, Memory, and Reduce the Effects of Stress & Aging

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