3 Keys for Lifting the Veil On Your Story & Discovering Witness Consciousness

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
Author, Speaker, Activist

What story are you telling yourself?

Recently I was honored to be a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. I met amazing women from all over the world... and naturally, I was asked about myself.

“Gina, what’s your story?”

I paused... How should I respond?

Should I tell them, I’m a single mother, I’m sober, I’m a survivor, I’m an advocate for victims of domestic violence, I’m an anti-human trafficking activist, I’m an author, I’m a writer?

I’m all of these things... yet, none of them.

When you lift the veil of the question, “Who am I?”
the first thing you recognize, is that you are not your story.
Mark Matousek, bestselling author and teacher

As proud as I am of my overcoming many difficult challenges, of my achievements and service in the world... I am not the events of my past, nor the success of my recovery.

Once I began to realize, or awaken, to this truth, I began to experience liberation from the narrative of my life. I began to see myself beyond circumstances and as a spiritual being on a journey of discovery. I found JOY... untethered from external ups and downs.

Of course how we define ourselves and the stories we tell about who we are, help us to navigate life, but they’re not the ultimate TRUTH of who we are.

This story is both changeable and self-created — which also opens us up to the opportunity we have to inform and shape what we tell ourselves.

Mark Matousek describes the radical possibility that’s available to us as we begin to experience this realization and begin a path of inquiry — including boldly examining our shadow. In fact, our shadow aspects hold the keys to our transformation and unlocking our greatest gifts.

Through a writing practice, we can develop and strengthen this “witness consciousness,” and there’s no better guide than Mark to guide you on a journey to self-realization and healing through writing.

Whether you’re drafting a memoir or journaling your morning pages, writing is the most direct path to your unfolding transformation.

In this 11-minute video, renowned author and teacher, Mark Matousek, shares the powerful processes for lifting the veil, looking deeply at the gifts of your shadow and achieving witness consciousness.

  • (2:12) — Lifting The Veil
  • (3:30) — Your Story is not the TRUTH of who you are
  • (4:46) — The Gifts of the Shadow
  • (6:47) — Witness Consciousness
  • (9:30) — The 3 Steps to Writing as a Path of Awakening

Do you have a writing practice? If so, what is your favorite practice? Have you used your writing to experience transformation? We’d love to hear from you!

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