4 Steps to Activating the Spiritual Warrior Within YOU

4 Steps to Activating the Spiritual Warrior Within YOU

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
Author, Speaker, Activist


Today there are so many examples of toxic masculinity… materialism, nationalism, militarism and destruction of the planet. 

However, the Divine Feminine alone is not enough to overcome the effects of unhealthy masculinity. We actually need access to the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine within us. 

The authentic union of these two energies allows us to access the archetype of the Spiritual Warrior — the solution to moving through the difficulties we face in our lives and in the world. 

Internationally acclaimed spiritual theologian, episcopal priest and activist, Matthew Fox, says the Sacred Masculine (and therefore the Spiritual Warrior) is largely unacknowledged and unexpressed, “because western culture is still dualistic and values thinking over feeling, material wealth over spiritual, scientific fact over intuitive knowledge, men over women and heterosexual over homosexual.”

Women and men alike carry the Sacred Masculine within; it just needs to be nurtured and developed. In the audio teaching below, Matthew outlines the key steps to activating the Spiritual Warrior within you. 

The first step (at :30) is to get in touch with the mystic within you. The mystic is the lover and and the key to uniting the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine within you. Being a mystic and lover is the difference between a soldier and a warrior… the soldier lives and dies by pain, where the Warrior does all things in love and fights for what is just and right. 

The second step (at 2:55) is to connect with Father Sky, an ancient archetype representing the Sacred or Divine Masculine. It’s also a call to relate to the wonders of the universe — from the air you breathe to the ongoing creative, evolutionary process of the stars (a star is born every 15 seconds!). 

The modern era has shut down Father Sky, leaving men and women with no place to invest their sky-sized hearts and souls. Reconnecting with Father Sky empowers you to tap into the creative intelligence of the universe and access solutions beyond your imagination.  

The third step (at 6:00) is to invite the archetype of the Green Man (and Green Woman) back into your life. The Green Man represents the Oneness with the Earth and our relationship to the plant world and connection to all living things. At this time of great environmental peril, the Green Man and Green Woman are critical archetypes for us to rediscover and embody, as Warriors defending Mother Earth.

The fourth step (at 10:00) is to get in touch with our (healthy) anger. When we feel “kicked” by injustice, our anger is triggered. We decry anger as a sin, but anger is the fire that keeps us going and fighting for what is right. 

We want to tap into our anger — our nonviolent anger. We don’t want to sit on it, we want to “employ” and direct and harness it. We want to use this energy of the healthy Spiritual Warrior in us to heal and bring about the social and environmental justice being called for at this time. 


In this audio teaching with Matthew, you’ll discover exactly how to access and embody the Sacred Warrior within you — equipping you to overcome the blocks to fully embracing these archetypes in every area of your life. 

Have you experienced the power of the healthy Sacred Masculine in your life? What changes are you ready to bring to your life and our world through embodying and expressing your Spiritual Warrior? We’d love to hear from you!

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