5 Keys to Feminine Leadership From 5 Visionaries Blazing the Trail

5 Keys to Feminine Leadership From 5 Visionaries Blazing the Trail

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
Author, Speaker, Activist
The Power of Your Heart to Activate Unreasonable Happiness (Plus Meditation)
The Power of Your Heart to Activate Unreasonable Happiness (Plus Meditation):
Author, Speaker, Activist

Do you dream of fulfilling YOUR destiny?

Maybe you sense this involves a project, business or nonprofit that’s been imprinted on your soul… but you’re unsure how to unlock this inner wisdom

Perhaps, you imagine yourself launching a thriving nonprofit to help women around the globe, but the “what if’s” and “how could I’s...” are holding you back?

Or possibly you have your own purpose-driven business — yet you feel something is seriously missing (like you took a wrong turn or missed an exit?!).

Maybe you’ve finally decided to say YES! to that new opportunity before you… but are afraid to leave the safety of home base (and listening to the “no’s” inside are familiar and keep you comfortable).

If any of these spark something in you — increase your heart rate, make you twinge or create a niggle in your belly —  the time has come to cultivate YOUR feminine leadership….

And because you’re unlikely to read much about about the qualities of this new kind of leadership in the 30,000 PLUS books on leadership (YIKES!), let’s take a page from the playbook of some of the visionaries already blazing the trail for you.

Below, 5 of these powerful visionaries offer their personal keys, which can help you excel as a leader AND feel nourished… and as though you’re actually fulfilling your highest purpose and potential!

Danielle LaPorte: Bring on the Self-Love

Bestselling author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and blogger Danielle Laporte says the key to effective leadership is becoming the most authentic YOU you can be. The key ingredient in her recipe for success is… are you ready for this?

Self-love. Correction: FIERCE self-love.

(Danielle herself discovered that all her efforts to improve herself were in fact, an effort to be perfect… for God!)

So what does fierce love look like for YOU?

It may mean giving yourself permission to let go of people who aren’t aligned with your values or drain your energy. Or setting firmer boundaries with your loved ones.

It might even mean feeling the deep rage and grief over NOT being yourself for so long.

And at times loving yourself can look very unloving to other people, Danielle points out. It takes HUGE courage.

The gift of fierce self-love is you get to BE you — free of anxiety, unnecessary apologies, and unhealthy compromises, which ultimately don’t serve you or others!

How can you be more loving to yourself?

Danielle invites you to try some compassionate experimentation, to uncover YOUR truth. What brings you wholeness and a sense of meaning?

(Are all the things you’re doing to improve yourself really who you ARE?)

Lisa Nichols: Fill YOUR Cup First...

One of the world’s most requested motivational speakers, Lisa Nichols has reached nearly 30 million people with her impassioned message and “Welfare to Wall Street” story.

Larger than life, and with a HUGE heart, Lisa Nichols is deeply dedicated to serving others. Her keys to effective leadership include changing your mindset, seeking abundance in every moment (and practicing gratitude when you don’t!) and being mindful of how you spend your time and energy.

To achieve your goals, whether it’s losing weight, changing your career or launching the nonprofit of your dreams, you have to put yourself first. (You know how the flight attendant reminds you to put on your oxygen mask before assisting others? It’s sort of like that.)

There is only one YOU — with unique life experiences, gifts and calling that only you have. Only you can do what you came here to do.

So how are you going to help you fulfill your destiny? Start by evaluating exactly how you’re spending your time and energy...

Here are a quick spot-check to see how you’re doing:    


  • How are you spending your time?
  • Even if you love what you’re doing, is it draining you?


  • Are you making time for replenishing?​
  • Are you laughing ‘til your belly aches?


  • Are you quick to forgive? (YOURSELF and others!)​
  • Are you able to appreciate your ALL parts of your mind and body?

And here are Lisa’s tips to help guide you:

1.  Fill YOUR cup first. This includes doing more things that bring you energy, and fewer things that drain you.

2.  SCHEDULE refueling time. (Read that again, maybe even out loud!) Make time for replenishing even if you have to schedule it.

3.  Bring on the positive! Spend time appreciating each part of your body and all the life experiences it has carried you through.

4.  Practice gratitude. When you’re upset, pause and name 15 things under $25 you’re grateful for. If you’re upset with someone (or yourself) pause and name 7 things you’re proud of.

5.  Recognize the power of your YES — and your ability to say “No.”   

These are the keys that helped Lisa turn the corner in her leadership and service!   

Claire Zammit: Lead with Feminine Power

Many of us are seeking a full life with work that’s meaningful, but fear burnout… which is so common among women trying to “make it” in a masculine-dominated world. What if there was another way?

Visionary transformational teacher and leader Claire Zammit, founder of the internationally renowned Feminine Power events, shares her personal dark night of the soul and her discovery of the keys to impact, influence and authentic success — through feminine power.

Early on, Claire experienced a lot of "success" and was a "powerful" woman with graduate degrees, a great career and many friends to share her life with. However, about 10 years ago, she began to feel incredibly depressed and sensed a deep signal that she was off course from her life...

She had achieved traditional, external measures of success and yet on the inside, she felt really underexpressed, underrealized…

Can you relate?

In spite of all of the tools and all of the workshops and all of the practice she’d done, she hadn't been able to create an outer life that reflected the deeper possibilities.

And that’s what can be so confusing — we feel there's something more, but we can't always see what it looks like.

Millions of women are having this experience — depression, anxiety, restlessness — and it's rooted in a much larger story of our own journey with power.

Instead of struggling to master the masculine system of power, we can step into this higher order of possibility… by discovering a new system of power sourced from feminine ways of knowing and creating.

We’re at a huge turning point in history.

Can you feel it? Women are awakening to a desire to self-actualize, to self-express and to co-create… to shape the future that could be.

We don't just want a job or to achieve a certain status, we want to find our unique genius and express that fully in ways that are going to make the greatest difference in our lives and in the world.

Here are some of Claire’s keys for accessing and activating your feminine power:

  • Seek role models who are already co-creating from a feminine source of power

  • Trust that YOU have a unique destiny to fulfill and everything you need to succeed is within you

  • Find the right support — becoming yourself and making your greatest contribution is a team sport!

  • Cultivate your authentic presence at the deepest level and connect to your own unique genius — there’s only one YOU!

  • Nurture a sense of body confidence and reclaim your radiance and beauty — on your terms.

  • Deepen your spiritual connection as a source to draw from and expand your sense of purpose and role in the bigger field of life.

  • Participate in the bounty of this manifest world and seek out experiences that fulfill your desire for creativity and play.

  • Align your vision with social transformation. We’re most fulfilled when we're meaningfully participating, transforming and evolving the world to fulfill its potential.

Anodea Judith: Lead By Following Your Body

In masculine paradigms of leadership, the intellect is king.

Feminine leadership, however, relies on the body for guidance and power.

“That’s because we feel things deep within our bodies,” says Anodea Judith, leading psychotherapist and bestselling author of the chakra classic Wheels of Life.

So when we don’t listen to the body’s wisdom we pay a price.

Leading from our heads, we can tax our adrenals and deplete our vitality —  we simply don’t have the testosterone levels required to push in the ways men do. Yes, we may achieve our goals, but at what cost to our spirits and authenticity?

We burn out. Disconnect from our intuition, our creativity, and our souls. Leading with our bodies, we connect to the life force energy that keeps us in the flow and brings us joy, and attract those little “coincidences” — synchronistic opportunities that put us in the right place at the right time, and meeting the people we want to lead, inspire and influence.

Your body, Anodea says, is THE key to leading with compassion and a sense of our connection with ourselves and others.

Make your body your primary compass, and every movement you make, every word you speak, can come from an empowered, embodied truth.

And that is VERY powerful.  

Listen here as Andodea shares more of her perspectives on feminine leadership:


Devaa Haley Mitchell:
When Your Intuition Leads, Others Are Sure to Follow

When people think about the critical skills for leadership, having a highly tuned intuition rarely makes the list, but Devaa Haley Mitchell, co-founder of the Inspiring Women Summit, believes it's actually a critical ingredient of a visionary leader.

Leaders are constantly making decisions on multiple fronts. Which person to hire? Which graphic to use or which tag line? How to navigate a challenging situation? What's a new vision or strategy that really will speak to your tribe?

Though it's not often named, she believes intuition is often a guiding force underlying many decisions... And the more open we are to receiving intuitive guidance, in addition to using our strategic mind, the more inspired, efficient and effective we can be as a leader!

The Feminine Leader...

Stands in her truth. She relates to herself and others with honesty, courage,  love and compassion.

Embraces the Feminine as well as Masculine ways of being and doing. (Example: Surrender to the mystery of creating...AND take action to complete your goals!)

Rests when she’s tired so she can re-engage with others, replenished and revitalized!

Moves through the world from a place of authentic power, creating without forcing, surrendering without giving herself away

Honors her body and listens to the wisdom it has for her

Is Master of Her Own Destiny — empowered to inspire others — and if she dares... to change the world.

PS - Enjoy the insights shared above on feminine leadership? If so, you're invited to download a free 3-hour video featuring Lisa Nichols, Anodea Judith, Devaa Haley Mitchell, Sage Levine and Sherri Lassila, Visionary Women's Salon: