The 7 Soul Types: Aligning with Your True Path with Ryan Angelo

Ben Hart
Ben Hart:
International Speaker and Writer, VP of Marketing at The Shift Network

Did you know that all of your challenges in life are in fact caused by being out of alignment with your soul?

When you are out of touch with who you truly are, life becomes difficult in all areas, whether it’s finances, health, relationships or career.

The key to finding true ease and fulfillment in life is simply discovering and walking your unique soul path.

Renowned teacher and intuitive Ryan Angelo teaches that there are 7 primary pathways that all souls can walk and your soul flourishes on one of these paths as it is most aligned with your truest core.

When you understand your unique soul type and discover the 7 paths, not only do you see the cause of your life challenges but you’re finally able to heal them.

Working in alignment with who you truly are enables you to realize the gifts that are rightfully yours and release the pain and frustrations that you’ve held onto by believing illusions about yourself.

Are you ready to discover your unique path and rediscover who you truly are? Check out the 7 types below and see which resonates with you the most.

The Seven Soul Types

“A craftsman may be able to make you dinner and a cook may be able to create a chair, but who is most at home in the workshop and who is most at home in the kitchen? Who’s chair will be most magnificent and who’s meal will be most delicious?”

1) The Elder

This is the path of power. It is the realization of the source of creation. It also has to do with protection and perfection. On this path you understand that there are elders and guides who support you. It is all about surrendering to your highest essence and relinquishing the illusion of separation.

2) The Awakener

This is the path of the teacher and the teacher of teachers, who is willing to receive higher guidance by allowing ignorance to come to light. This is about learning how to teach so you can bring any form of ignorance back into alignment with truth. You connect to, and come from, a place of divine knowing. You surrender to the divine teacher of teachers that you may become a teacher and help others awaken to things they have never been able to see before.

3) The Unifier

This is a path of divine feminine in its purest and most magnificent form, regardless of your physical gender. It’s the energy of nurturing and unconditional love. Also creativity and art, beauty, music. On this path you can melt hearts of stone. As you develop your gifts on this path and come into alignment with divine love, you can perceive the way love holds everything together. This path is one of the most difficult in a world experiencing such separation consciousness but you find that the more you lean into it, the more love protects you, fortifies you and truly conquers all.

4) The Purifier

This path can be summed up by “Joy” and “Discipline”. This is the path of ascension. It’s one of absolute purity and returning to your perfect divine blueprint. This is a return to innocence and joy but it is not a return to naivete. It is knowing the power and freedom and energy that joy holds. When you know purity you become such a powerful channel between heaven and earth that nothing of an addictive nature can influence you. You don’t need things outside of yourself to feel joy. You are returned to divine, joyful innocence.

5) The Manifester

This path is also the path of the healer because healing is a restoration of harmony, which is akin to the manifestation of heaven and earth coming together as you. Manifesting anything from lack or discord is simply addressing the unhealed element that exists in the channel between the divine and matter. As the manifestor, you come to master the subconscious mind and discover that you have the ability to call things into existence as long as you honor divine harmony.

6) The Guardian

This path is focused on the wellbeing of others through service. It is about having such a deeply realized sense of self that you can call forth the truth of who others are. This is a path of brotherhood and sisterhood. It is the redeemer archetype, which is about connecting to the core essence of yourself in such a way that you dissolve doubts and stand in the true light of who you are. Your very presence influences those around you. You can see the individual greatness in others and call it forth.

7) The Mystic

This path is about being able to transmute darkness into light. Patterns of discomfort and disconnection can be transmuted back into light and this is a path of compassion and forgiveness at the deepest levels. You come to truth in the divine to teach you what you must learn in the best way possible. You will see miracles and divine magic beyond comprehension but you must remember that you are still here to learn your lessons. If you can face them you will discover they are brought forward to help you transmute more and more darkness to walk a path of more magic.

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What Soul Type do you think you are? And what did you learn about your own gifts and potential path? Share your thoughts in the comments below.