9 Signs You're Already a Shamanic Practitioner And Don't Know It

9 Signs You're Already a Shamanic Practitioner And Don't Know It

The Shift Team
The Shift Team

Do you feel like you are being called towards a higher purpose in your life — like there is some way that you can be of greater service to the world?

Do you sense that you have deep, untapped inner capacities that are wanting to emerge from within as you move forward in your life?

Have you even perhaps been drawn to shamanic traditions and practices or noticed that references to shamanism keep crossing your path frequently?

The fact is, we each have shamanic abilities within us... and if you are experiencing some of these signs then the shamanic path may be an especially potent direction for you to take.

Curious to learn more about your natural affinity for shamanism? Here are nine signs that you are already a shamanic practitioner and don’t know it...

1.  You’ve had one or more brushes with death.

Perhaps you were in a near-fatal car accident, recovered from a chronic condition or had another moment in which you felt your life flash before your eyes. Often, shamanic practitioners have the ability to help heal others because they have experienced pain and loss themselves. The fact is, life offers us deep challenges, and those who are living shamanically use their past experiences to help understand and, with true empathy, help others.

2.  You connect deeply with nature.

Deeply Connected with Nature Being outdoors and amid nature’s creations makes you feel truly at peace. Whether it’s walking in a forest, hiking a trail near your home or simply listening to the chirp of a bird, any immersion in nature lights your soul up and connects you to the majesty and innate harmony of the world. It saddens you how people in our modern culture tend to see nature as something to control and dominate. In contrast, you see our human species as a part of nature, and are thankful for its abundance and wisdom.

3.  You’re content with alone time.

While many people constantly crave attention or need to be surrounded by other humans, you are happy to have time by yourself. You love people but are quite content spending time alone. In fact, this solo time is what often “recharges” you as it gives you space to connect more deeply with your inner world and the creative impulses within.

4.  You are perceptive and can read people.

Upon walking into a room, you notice you have the ability to read the atmosphere and people well. Whether you know a person already or are meeting them for the first time, you find yourself able to sense how they are doing — whether they seem sad or are full of joy. Although you may not have realized this before, the shamanic way of moving through the world includes being attuned to your surroundings and sensing into the resonant fields around you.

5.  Your intuition is how you navigate through the world.

Intuition is how you navigate the world While most people use their minds to move through life and often struggle with decisions as they weigh the pros and cons all the time, you find it easier to simply hear, trust and follow your gut feelings (or intuitive knowing). From small choices to larger decisions, when you follow your intuition, it is almost always right. You’ve cultivated an intuitive ability, which is available to all humans, that can greatly support your life and help you to flourish.

6.  You feel called to help others.

Fueled by compassion, you often find yourself offering to serve people. From offering a shoulder to lean on or helping with a task at hand, you are a sincere helper. Sometimes, you may even be too quick to put other people’s needs before your own, but it is always driven by the impulse to give and serve love. In fact, for you, simply coming to this Earth and living life is not your goal. You desire to help create a positive change in global consciousness the whole world over. 

7.  You’re visited by animals.

Visited By Animals Being connected to the natural world is a deep shamanic trait and this is especially true when it comes to connecting with animal allies. Maybe you tend to see the same type of animal over and over, as if it’s trying to connect with you and share a message. You’ll be walking along and feel like a creature is trying to catch your eye. Often, shamanic practitioners have a very deep connection to animals, even more so than to humans sometimes, and the more you’re open to this connection and the support it can offer, the deeper your shamanic consciousness grows.

8.  You experience premonitions, lucid dreams and/or out-of-body experiences.

As a deeper expression of your intuition, it is not uncommon that you find yourself getting glimpses of the future, having lucid dreams or traveling outside of your own body. These “abilities” are common among shamanic teachers, as they know we are much more than just our physical bodies. You may not be doing them consciously at this point, however, when cultivated, such abilities can be tapped into with intention for great healing benefit.

9.  You feel as if “there’s more."

Although you are thankful for what you have in life, you have a sense that there is more to this reality than just what you experience day to day. Shamanic living invites us to connect with wider realms of reality, from spirit guides to animal teachers to ancestral allies. All of these are outside of mainstream belief structures but your openness to them may be a sign of your shamanic consciousness. While it is important to be discerning and open to these wider potentials with care and clear intent, as you allow yourself to be supported in new ways, you may find there is always “more” to discover.

By no means is this list definitive, but if even a few of these traits resonate with you, you are already tapped into some of the shamanic gifts within you.

Even if you’ve never suspected it, know much about it, or been drawn to shamanism before, you have the ability to tap deeper into your shamanic consciousness. As you recognize your innate powers you can learn to increase them and experience more wisdom, healing, and peace in your life as a result — and be on a more powerful path of service to the world.

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