May heartbreak plant seeds of peace

May heartbreak plant seeds of peace

Stephen Dinan
Stephen Dinan:
CEO of The Shift Network

The Shift Network is heartbroken by the brutal violence in Israel and now in Gaza. We do not support terror nor acts of war as a solution to human problems. We pray for the end of the violence and stand for the healing of historical wounds, the bridging of divides, and the restoration of understanding. Let us all remember that we love our children, are grateful for life and are ultimately members of one human family. 

May we take this opportunity to increase our empathy with the traumas and suffering of the Jewish people as they grieve their massive losses. We hold them more deeply in our hearts. And may we also increase our empathy for the suffering of ordinary Palestinians as they face a devastating siege and great losses of their own. May we hold them more deeply in our hearts as well. 

And together, let us hold the vision that even in this hour of darkness and destruction that seeds of love and healing can be planted and eventually blossom into peace in the Holy Land in our lifetimes.