Activate the Deep Heart of Equanimity Through This Experiential Enneagram Practice

Activate the Deep Heart of Equanimity Through This Experiential Enneagram Practice

Marjorie MacIntosh
Marjorie MacIntosh:
Shift Team

You may be familiar with the Enneagram, the well-known system for classifying and understanding your personality traits and the traits of others in your life.

But the Enneagram has a deeper side — one that explores the heart of spirituality itself and the experience of being a unique soul here on this planet.

This side of the Enneagram seeks to understand the deeper qualities of the heart and mind, and how we can transform ourselves from being run by our patterns and traits to being more aligned, enlightened, and self-actualized.

In this video, Enneagram experts Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb offer a taste of this deeper Enneagram as they explore the state of equanimity. Equanimity is a deep, clear and expansive state of the heart that Russ describes as a “deep oceanic quality” in which you are able to be neutral to the tides and turnings of your emotions.

This doesn’t mean that in equanimity you no longer feel your emotions. In equanimity you can experience the full diversity and range of emotions — from deep sadness to giddiness to everything in between.

Equanimity simply allows you to hold the emotions in a larger container of acceptance and neutrality — as if your emotions were waves on the surface of a much deeper, calmer sea.

In this video, Russ explains more about this state through the lens of the Enneagram, and then co-teacher and Enneagram expert Jessica Dibb will share an advanced experiential practice to embody this high virtue.

Don’t miss these video highlights:

  • (0:39) How equanimity comes from working through your feelings of envy or “getting the short end of the stick
  • (1:33) The oceanic, deep vastness of the heart that can hold all of your emotions, no matter how big.
  • (4:07) How the Enneagram can help you transform limited notions of your own capacity.
  •  (4:58) A guided, experiential practice to access the boundless heart of equanimity.

As you’ll discover in this heart-expanding video, the Enneagram can be a profound compass for moving way beyond self-limiting patterns towards understanding and embracing your highest Self.

How does the Enneagram help YOU on your path of healing and growth? Has practicing the state of equanimity had an effect on your life? We’d love to hear from you!

Learn more about the “deeper” Enneagram and experience guided practices to activate your higher self & the sacred essence of your type in Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb’s FREE class,  Discover the Experiential Depth Approach to the Enneagram: Exploring the Territory Beyond Your Personality Type .