Are These 2 Blocks in Your Chakras Keeping You From Manifesting? Here’s How to Break Through...

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team


Have you tried the Law of Attraction to manifest a desire, goal or vision for your life?   

Have you visualized your destiny as your reality… right here, right now?

Only to find the results inconsistent or without a lasting effect? 

Your lack of success isn’t for lack of trying or due to an inability to “receive good.” 

Traditional manifestation techniques are missing an important, some would say THE most important, step: Clear planning and grounded action.  

An inability to plan and take action is one of the most common blocks to manifesting. This common energy block shows up in the third chakra — your personal power center of will and action. 

And according to Anodea, bestselling author of the chakra classic Wheels of Life and co-author of Creating on Purpose, effective manifesting requires ALL seven chakras — because your entire energy body and chakra system is actually nature’s “map” for creating.

In the illuminating video below, Anodea shares why activating your third (power) chakra is critical to your success… and common blocks you might be experiencing:


(Don’t miss Anodea’s practical insight about the third chakra, “where the rubber meets the road,” for manifesting.)

And, effectively manifesting doesn’t turn around with just the third chakra…

True manifestation requires eliminating energy blocks in every chakra...

In the next video below, Anodea reveals the second-most common block, found in the fifth chakra — your communication center.

Watch as Anodea shares how to work with three kinds of inner critic that create blocks in your fifth chakra:  


In this video, Anodea also shares a practice for counteracting your inner critic… so you can take the actions you need to realize your dreams.

Many manifestation methods lack these essential aspects, emphasizing visualizing and other mental techniques over the body-centered aspects —  which is why they often don’t work!

You actually manifest by bringing your energy and attention DOWN through the chakra system, all the way to the root level, where things take solid, financially sustainable form.

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