[Audio] An Experiential Enneagram Practice to Heighten Your Intuition

[Audio] An Experiential Enneagram Practice to Heighten Your Intuition

Jessa Hurley
Jessa Hurley:
Shift Team

Imagine what gifts you would receive and have to contribute if you could actually show up with true presence in EACH moment?

How rich would your personal and professional relationships be if you lived consistently as an expression of love?

And how would your life choices and journey unfold if you could consistently connect with a source of real inner guidance and wisdom?

Jessica Dibb, a respected consciousness teacher, breathwork trainer and Enneagram expert guides people in transcending the reactive habits of their personality types — and fully integrating the essential qualities of love, wisdom and presence into their day-to-day experiences.

If you’re like many on a path of personal growth, you’re no stranger to self-awareness, therapeutic and spiritual practices....

And yet, the old patterns often persist, making it challenging to successfully apply what you’ve discovered about yourself over the years.

The real key to change, Jessica believes, is working with the wisdom of the Enneagram — including the “3 Centers” of body, heart and head — through experiential practices.

That’s when you start to really access and integrate the wisdom, energy and love you’ve been seeking into your being.

(And below, you’ll find a simple 3-centered wisdom practice for heightening your intuition.)

If you’re unfamiliar with the Enneagram, it’s a personality typing system rooted in multiple wisdom traditions and cultures (including the Greeks, Desert Fathers and Egyptians) and currently taught in prestigious universities around the world.

The 9-point Enneagram symbol represents nine unique temperaments, or energies — each with specific traits, behavioral patterns and tendencies AND gifts. Each of us has a dominant type, yet all nine exist within our souls and psyches according to major schools of thought.

The Enneagram illuminates...

  • Nine life-enhancing qualities of people & reality

  • Nine capacities or gifts that humans have

  • Nine ways we forget who we really are

  • Nine ways we operate unconsciously & defensively

  • Nine doorways to BEING love, wisdom & presence

Jessica Dibb invites us to combine the wisdom of the Enneagram with experiential practices — including breath, meditation, writing, shadow work, movement and inner inquiry and journeying.

This can help us effectively liberate ourselves from the “box” of our personality type and fears, and ultimately embody our realizations and breakthroughs.

Each type is primarily associated with one of the 3 Centers (body, heart and head). However, according to Jessica, the most accurate and powerful wisdom and inner guidance you can receive is sourced by working with ALL three centers and their respective experiences (briefly highlighted here by Jessica):


Body Center Experiences

  • Millions of sensations about reality which light up our neural pathways, informing, energizing and nourishing our life capacities
  • ​Physical reality is an unfolding of consciousness
  • Power, vitality, energy, aliveness

  • A somatic sense of how everything in existence is arising from that same power, leading to a fundamental sense of unity and peace

  • Anger or rage (conscious or unconscious) when we don’t feel real or like we matter

  • A felt sense of essential goodness, an essential sacredness, in each moment

When we have a felt sense of being HERE, we contact somatic intelligence.  


Heart Center Experiences

  • By virtue of just “being” here, we are intimate with reality

  • A field of relatedness with various things — ultimately all things

  • Connected to people, places, life, nourishing us with “impressions” of life

  • Sadness, grief or shame when we are not authentically connected with ourselves and others

  • Empathic resonance and compassion for others and life

  • Relaxing into the infinite depth of each moment

  • A valuing of the inherent beauty of each moment and situation

When we sense that it’s okay for us to feel what we feel, and let our hearts experience what they experience, we contact emotional intelligence.

Head Center Experiences

  • Being aware of our life, of reality, of existence

  • The capacity to see, perceive, and recognize reality and what’s actually arising in it clearly, rather than through delusion

  • Being guided by “clear seeing,” by cognition and awareness

  • Awake curiosity and the capacity to open up to new experiences

  • The capacity to see what’s possible, from which we can create and generate

  • Fear or anxiety, when we are not relaxed into an open mind of curiosity and receptivity

  • Causeless delight and joy in being awake each moment, whatever is happening

When we experience cognitive intelligence and awareness through our open "true mind," it enhances our inner guidance, and our sense of new possibilities.  

Alone, each of the 3 Centers can give us access to incredible wisdom, love and presence. Combined, the guidance available for navigating life is far more powerful! And in this very simple beginning practice, Jessica guides you in developing “3-Centered” intuition:

3-Centered Experiential Enneagram Practice for
Heightened Intuition with Jessica Dibb


Is your intuition as sharp as you’d like it to be?

No? You may not be accessing wisdom from ALL 3 Centers… experiential practices like the one above can help you develop a new orientation to wisdom that is somatic, emotional AND cognitive… attuning you to the truth of the moment... and all the love and possibility it holds.

PS - Intrigued by the insights shared above? If so, you're invited to download a free, hour-long audio featuring respected Enneagram expert Jessica Dibb, The Experiential Enneagram.