Buenos Aires: City Committed to Peace

Buenos Aires: City Committed to Peace

By Inés Palomoque, Founder Mil Milenios de Paz
"It is not enough," declares Inés Palomoque, "to have one day of peace, we need to ensure a thousand millenniums for present and future generations." That idea, shared with so many around the world, is the core of Mil Milenios de Paz, the organization Inés founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today through her efforts, nearly twenty cities have declared by Proclamation as Cities Committed to Peace.

The organization has many initiatives, the latest a partnership with International Cities of Peace to promote the Global Feast for Peace, an annual “thanksgiving for peace” during Peace Week, Sept. 15-21, where for the first time the entire world can break bread together in celebration and reflection for peace. Thirty cities had a Feast for Peace in 2013, the goal is 100 cities for 2014. Inés’ organization has created the World Fiesta for Peace (Fiesta Mondial de la Paz) for Spanish speaking countries.

“We are organizing and inviting you to participate,” Inés writes, “in a ‘Healthy and Conscious Food’ lunch to commemorate International Day of Peace. Part of the lunch will provide a nurturing atmosphere to children from areas of risk and vulnerability. The goal is to share with the kids healthy tips and recipes about a selection of economically accessible nutrient-rich foods, so that children themselves can bring them to their homes and make them with their own families.

“In Buenos Aires, the lunch will be coordinated by two Peace Ambassadors and experts on healthy nutrition. Pablo de la Iglesia is Naturopath certified in Herbalism Diet, Consultant in Health and Hygiene, and recognized as Orthomolecular Nutrition Specialist. Pablo Martin is a chef, journalist, television presenter, specialist in conscious and healthy eating.

“Before lunch there will be a minute of silence and bells will ring for one minute, so that Peace prevail on earth and on our hearts. Thousand Millennia of Peace is coordinating with the Global Feast to Peace, promoting the initiative to share a meal, celebrating and thanking for the Peace we have. It is also to inspire actions that promote unity and culture of peace every day of the year.”

The Global Feast to Peace and the Fiesta Mondial de la Paz are part of the International Day of Peace, sponsored by the United Nations and is held around the world each September 21st. The Feast for Peace is an initiative of the members of the Peace Cities subcommittee of the NGO Committee for International Cities of Peace.

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Inés Palomeque is president of Mil millennia of Peace (Thousand Millennia of Peace), a network organization in Argentina with 19 Cities Committed to Peace in Argentina and Uruguay. Among other honors, Inés is project director for the Culture of Peace Art Ecology and Peace Foundation and a founding member of the Peace Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Argentina.