Calling in Kali and the Fire Of Transformation Through Meditation, Prayer and Ritual

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
Author, Speaker, Activist

When I was early in my journey of spiritual exploration, I worked in a “new age” office for a guru alongside many of her devotees...

She was not my guru, but I loved her teachings on non-dualism and and her expression of the Divine Feminine. One of the regular sayings in the office was “feel the burn.” I was so completely put off by this and was known to even roll my eyes...

And then I experienced several years of the deepest turn-your-life-upside-down transformation — and came to understand “the burn.” The disintegration of everything I knew as “my life” at the time.

This is when I came to know the Hindu Goddess Kali, intimately. I did not welcome her when she showed up, but her fire of transformation is what ultimately freed me.

“Kali’s task is to annihilate that which stands between us and the Divine. She’s frightening to the ego, but infinitely beautiful to our soul.” — Mirabai Starr


One of the most beloved teachers of the Goddess Kali, is interspiritual mystic, Mirabai Starr. I had a chance to sit down with Mirabai recently and spend some time soaking in her wisdom, storytelling and beautiful chanting.

In this 12-minute clip, Mirabai takes us through a prayer to Kali from Bhakti poet Ramprasad, a spiritual concentration from her teacher Ram Dass, and a beautiful chant — all for the fierce mother, Kali.

Release your anger, release what no longer serves you, release grief and suffering... Kali will take what you offer and turn it into pure love.

Kali is the doorway to the Divine.

This powerful audio includes:

  • (2:45) — Prayer to Kali, Tantric Hymn of Enlightenment, Ramprasad
  • (4:49) — Calling in Kali Ma
  • (6:49) — Offering your anger, rage, fear & anxiety to Kali
  • (7:59) — Spiritual Concentration from Ram Dass
  • (11:00) — Chant to Kali

We seem to undergo multiple crucifixions and resurrections within a single lifetime. Certain experiences bring us to our knees, and from this shattered space we are ultimately quickened with new life. When we call on the Goddess Kali Ma, she takes whatever is in the way of our liberation and transforms it.

Do you have a favorite Goddess? Do you have a practice for calling in the power and presence of your favorite Goddess? We’d love to hear from you!

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