Chakra Wisdom for Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Chakra Wisdom for Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
Author, Speaker, Activist

I’m guessing you’ve felt uncomfortable at one time or another — whether you’ve been afraid of making a mistake, felt self-conscious about how you look, or worried about embarrassing yourself...

Being “uncomfortable” can range from a mild sense of tension to an all-out anxiety attack...

Now, what if the key to addressing your discomfort was actually to drop deeper into it?

In fact, the discomfort you’re experiencing is directing you to a deeper place within you that is ready to be healed.

I love working at the The Shift Network for MANY reasons, but one of the coolest things we do, is have staff meetings every other week where we take time to connect with one another and hear how each other are doing. Sometimes one of our fearless leaders guides us in an expressive arts experience or we play an improv game.

As much as I feel honored and excited to work alongside some of the most talented and compassionate individuals, I loathe our interactive staff meetings at times. Sometimes, it is just SO uncomfortable to share openly about difficulties I’m experiencing in my personal life or to let go of being self-conscious to move around the room with interpretive dance moves. (Ok, not really, but close!)

I recently had a chance to receive some powerful insights from one of our beloved faculty, Anodea Judith, who is a bestselling author and expert on the chakra system.

She revealed that many of our “uncomfortable moments” are actually blocks in our energy system (and often in place for good reason) from past experiences, even trauma from childhood.

I actually experienced a lot of anxiety as a child and I was also ridiculed by family members, so through her insight, I began to directly link memories from my past to my discomfort.

As Anodea illuminates, our charge (life force energy) is pressing up against our blocks creating the tension or discomfort we feel.

We often resist it, however if we relax into the tension and allow the charge to move through us, we can remove and release these blocks leading to free-flowing energy throughout our energy systems... and our entire being.

Through working with the practice in the audio clip below, I’m now actually able to work with my energy to establish a larger comfort zone for myself. I’m also able to release the blocks that no longer serve me and experience deeper connections to those around me (including my co-workers!)

Listen in as Anodea shows you exactly how to expand your energy field, accelerate your personal healing, and build your capacity to access the full spectrum of your life force.

Don’t miss these powerful highlights in this 4-minute audio clip:

  • (1:27) — What happens when you experience these blocks and the symptoms you might feel
  • (3:40) — Discover the process and practice for expanding your comfort zone
  • (4:00) — The possibilities for healing and deep relaxation available to you through this process

And this is only the beginning... once you become aware of what is happening within you, you too, can begin to expand your comfort zone, increase your life force energy and deepen your natural state of relaxation and grounding.

How comfortable are you with being uncomfortable? Are you able to connect the tension you feel to previous experiences? Have you tried expanding your energy field to increase your comfort zone? We’d love to hear from you!

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Have you been touched by Anodea Judith’s insights about your charge or teachings on your chakras and energy systems, here or elsewhere? Share your thoughts in the comments below.