From Christian to Christing: Living with More Inspiration, Guidance & Wisdom

From Christian to Christing: Living with More Inspiration, Guidance & Wisdom

Stephen Dinan
Stephen Dinan:
CEO of The Shift Network

People sometimes ask me if I’m a Christian, and I have to say the answer is not simple....

The truth is that, for me, Jesus has been my most important source of inspiration, guidance and wisdom on the inner levels.  

AND, the way in which Christianity has focused on deifying and worshipping him and enshrining that in belief systems just doesn’t feel accurate or real to me.

On a deep level, I see Jesus as a forerunner of the kind of human we are all becoming — Christed beings who marry the highest octave of God-realization with feet-on-the-soil practicality for living a high-integrity, compassionate and generous life.

Instead of seeing Christ as a singular object of worship and obedience, I see Christing as the journey we are all on to marry soul and flesh, Spirit and substance.  

It’s a journey in which we are all ultimately here to birth Heaven on Earth.

As we open more to the higher octave of our nature, we then become more permeable to the God-force that is at the core of of our being.  

We become more divine, more sacred and more holy as we allow ourselves to identify, open and surrender to the totality of the universe working through us.

We are no longer isolated seekers…

...we are an expression of divinity, an emissary of light and a messenger of love.

Christ Consciousness: Christianity

My sense is that Christianity as a whole has gotten a bit stuck in putting one truly remarkable, blessed and amazing man on too high of a pedestal for too long — forgetting perhaps that he said we would do what he did and more.

The most important truth that Jesus was showing us was that we are capable of far more than we believed possible.  

We have within us the same “God-stuff” that he himself was made of.

He achieved and surrendered to something that was truly unprecedented and thus is worthy of admiration… But more importantly, he’s worthy of emulation.

To be Christed, in ancient Greek, was to be anointed. Anointing is a process of consecrating something or someone as holy.

We can all be anointed if we do the deep inner work to clear out the old densities and places of limitation, and face our worst shadows.

And if we dare to open to the splendor of our divinity and express that in concrete actions that address the needs of those facing the biggest challenges in society.

I once prayed very hard for an experience of Christ....

The gateway led through all the suffering, mayhem, rape, war and death of the world. Without opening to ALL of it, I learned that I could not open to Christ consciousness.

So let us remember the divinity in everyone — even those of our opposing political parties. Even terrorists. Even the destitute. Even drug addicts.  

We are all sparks of God that have forgotten our true identity. We are here waking up and remembering together.

Let us all dare to undertake the journey of Christing — a journey that does not have a final destination because there is always more to open to, learn, give and surrender.

Let us all be perfumed with the light of the Divine and learn to bless all those we see.

In this season that celebrates the “mass of Christ” and the return of the light, let us all evolve to still another level of recognizing that we are One….  

...Even with Jesus.

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