Conjure a Magical Life Through the Hidden Wisdom of 7 Planets

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

The great scientists, yogis and mystics have spoken of an “Intelligent” Universe...

And it’s true, we can find an abundance of specific intelligences in our own solar system to guide our lives!

During a recent, warm summer night, I looked up at the dome of stars above me and a hush came over everything. A voice said very clearly, “I make all of this beauty to show my love for you.”

It was a magical (and healing) moment during a tumultuous period of my life. Suddenly, I felt not only aligned with the Intelligent Universe, I felt personally connected and comforted. I knew I could trust that everything was unfolding in accordance with a larger plan...

The first time I witnessed Saturn’s shimmering rings through a telescope, was a similar experience. The planet’s mysterious beauty evoked in me a profound wonderment... a sense of Divine Order.

According to Visionary Activist Astrologer Caroline Casey, “Saturn, known by the Greeks as Chronos (or Time)... demarcates the boundary between the visible and the invisible. Ringmaster and Ringleader, Saturn’s province includes time, boundaries, laws of limitation and definition, form, structure, and authority.”

Without realizing it, I had discovered Saturn’s unique qualities of intelligence!

Every planet in our solar system possesses its own divine intelligence. We also possess these qualities within our souls and psyches — some are latent, some wide awake, some emerging.

Qualities like curiosity and magic. Play and leadership. Authorship and cooperation.

And we can learn to embody these qualities through the language of astrology... through the planets, sun and moon.

I recently had the honor of speaking with Caroline Casey, renowned host of The Visionary Activist Radio Show & author of Making the Gods Work For You: The Astrological Language of the Psyche. She illuminated the unique qualities of Intelligence found in seven key planets — and how we can access and embody them.

In the video below, she offers astrological insights for us to consider (and apply) during this time of tumult in our world, which Caroline calls “a time of dire beauty.”

In this intimate video, the playful, brilliant Caroline Casey weaves refreshing wordplay, ancient myth and a new cultural story — here are some of the highlights:

  • (:11) — Discovering Your Own Wise Autonomy Through Saturn
  • (5:50) — Animating Jupiter for Buoyancy, Curiosity and Re-Collaging Reality
  • (7:26) — Venus’s Magnetizing Qualities of Beauty, Creativity & Connection
  • (9:55) — Manifest Your Soul’s Desire through the Power of Mars
  • (13:10) — Mercury Message: Intimately Engage With the World
  • (17:56) — Partake in the Sacred Marriage of the Moon & Sun

The map of astrology has the power to “remind you of your life’s mission” Caroline says, with specific guidance and wisdom available to you through the planets, moon and sun.

Which planetary qualities of intelligence intrigue YOU? How will you embody them to heal and transform your life — and bring your gifts into the world at “this time of dire beauty?” We’d love to hear from you!

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