Could An Unresolved Issue From A Past Life Be Causing Your Symptoms Now?

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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Have you tried alternative and traditional methods — and everything in between — to treat chronic health issues, persistent pain, and other recurring symptoms? 

Do you feel as if your relationship patterns have a repetitive quality as well?

There might be a path of healing for you, one that’s not so obvious… 

A past life or spirit guide could hold the key to your healing.  

A number of years ago I suffered from a group of “mysterious” health issues — including fatigue, allergies, chronic bouts of bronchitis, and asthma.

I sought the help of doctors, healers, practitioners, and nutrition experts. None of them were able to diagnose the root cause of my symptoms, and no treatment they offered seemed to “cure me.” 

At the time, I was also in an abusive marriage. Curiously, once I was able to leave the relationship (which included a restraining order and many court dates), a number of these symptoms cleared up — especially the bronchitis and asthma. Gone. I have not used an inhaler since then. Well, until recently...

I found myself wheezing recently and experiencing difficulty breathing when I exercised. I couldn’t believe these symptoms had returned after all these years. I thought I had dealt with these issues, physically and emotionally.

When I consulted one of our beloved faculty, Linda Backman, she shared that my guides might be using these symptoms to get my attention…  

Once I began to see my asthma returning as an “alert” from my guides, I realized that I was, in fact, experiencing similar patterns in my life again. I was aware that I had experienced a past life (actually several) that involved oppression and abuse; however, issues of empowerment and equality that I had struggled with before — in this life and previous ones — were now resurfacing. This newfound awareness shifted my consciousness and ultimately my symptoms. 

In this short audio, world-renowned author, psychologist and regression therapist, Dr. Linda Backman, illuminates the remarkable information that can be sourced from past lives for our healing.

Don’t miss what Linda shares about karma (listen in at :50)!

Have you addressed health challenges or relationship patterns by exploring your past lives?  We’d love to hear from you!

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