Cultivating the 9 Heart Qualities of the Enneagram with Russ Hudson

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
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Do you remember the “aha” moment, when you learned your Enneagram Personality Type?

The real beauty of the Enneagram is that by simply being aware of the mental and emotional patterns of your basic type, they loosen their hold on you. Self-compassion begins to replace self-flagellation.   

If you’re a Type One, for example, you become a little less of a perfectionist, relaxing into simply “what is.”

As a Type 8, your friends may notice you’re not as controlling…

Or as a Type 7, you might find there’s more to life than looking at the bright side and planning!

These shifts can be incredibly liberating (and come as a relief to partners, friends and co-workers!).

For example, when I first worked with the Enneagram, I discovered that as a Type 4, I had a deep fear of just “being ordinary.” Underneath, I felt unworthy and was afraid of abandonment.

These feelings prevented me from being truly intimate with others. Today, after working diligently with (and accepting!) these emotional and mental patterns, I’m more authentic and loving in my relationships.  

Yet, little did I know, the real “gold” was to be found in the original teachings of the Enneagram known as the 9 Virtues...

And since discovering Russ Hudson’s teachings on this core wisdom of the Enneagram, I’ve been learning the value and practice of equanimity... the virtue associated with Type 4.  

Russ Hudson calls the Virtues our “deeper heart qualities…”

As you’ll hear in the brief audio below, Russ guides us to discover all 9 Types and Virtues within us — not just the virtue associated with our basic type.  

  • (0:05) — Discover the 9 Virtues & Their Relationship to the 9 Types  
  • (1:58) — Lust Transmuted into the Virtue of Innocence
  • (2:47) — Access Your 9 “Heart” Qualities  
  • (4:13) — The Virtue of Serenity
  • (5:09) — Cultivating Grace Under Fire
  • (5:45) — Transforming Pride into the Virtue of Humility   


As you’ll hear from Russ, in Type One the Virtue of true serenity is born of a capacity to presence life’s innate goodness, and using this awareness, hold anger and resentment in compassion.

In Type Six, we discover the true nature of courage through a profound awareness of fear.

And in Type Two, real humility is the result of bringing loving kindness to the parts of us that feel unlovable.

The Virtues are the mark of spiritual maturity and according to Russ, aspects of our divinity...

They must be discovered, cultivated, and continuously refined. Yet the work is well worth it.  The gifts are truly priceless: Serenity, humility, truth, equanimity, non-attachment, courage, constancy, innocence, and right action.  

Cultivate more compassion for yourself, open your heart to true intimacy & access your divinity — through the core teachings of the Enneagram with Russ Hudson during his FREE class: The Enneagram of the Virtues, Discovering the 9 Deeper Qualities of Your Heart


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