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Cultivating the Witness and Taking Action

By Kate Traci, a Peace Ambassador

The Peace Ambassador Training program has enriched my life most notably from the first week. The module on "cultivating the witness" and the homework to practice such mindfulness has impacted me greatly. I can step back and view my perceived "failures" in such a different light. The forgiveness, the softening, and most of all the Learning I have done through using the "witness" has created a mindset where I no longer feel I am doomed to forever repeat the same mistakes, that I will be able to push past, succeed on my right path -- and that witness also knows what that right path actually is! It feels so amazing to be in touch with that side of myself I can only say please try it.
One of the speakers that touched me in a big way was Rita Marie Johnson. To say that I want to be a part of her Peace University is an understatement. How can I be more like Rita Marie? How can I embody the peace and sense of wholeness that is like a magic door to possibilities? Hearing Rita Marie’s journey made it feel attainable. Her lesson walked the listeners through a heart and mind coherence method that builds resilience, energy and creativity. Such valuable teaching, I try to use it often in my week even now.
My notes from the sessions are a gold mine of truths, mantras and inspirations. One such speaker: Aqeela Sherrills told himself the story that he was supposed to do something great - that was his mantra. He believed it. "The more silent I became the more my intuitive voice began to speak to me,” he told the listeners, resonates with me today. I believe the truth is what we come back to time and time again, the truth always pops up and gets noticed, but sometimes we have to hear it a dozen times before it sinks in.  That’s ok because I now have my own personal “Peace Class” in my notes that I can refer to over and over again.
On a fantastic peace building note I have stepped up to lead an action team for The Peace Alliance:  It has been a journey, but we finally have a small team and our official first meeting/launch is scheduled! So if you know anyone in the Phoenix area who is interested in getting started using the Peace Ambassador Training through an amazing program focused on at-risk youth, non-violent communication, passing laws to create a U.S. Department of Peace, then please email me! I would love to chat with you.
Thank you and much luck to us all!

Kate Traci is a California raised beach girl at heart who now finds herself residing under the hot desert sun. Thankfully her sister has a pool. A writer by love she believes the internet is a place to be heard and started on an adventure that lead her to create KateTweets @ where she hopes to help others spread their amazing message through social media.  Trying daily to coax clever words, her German Shepherd to fetch, and herself to the gym, Kate can be found patiently waiting for her next adventure under the star-filled desert sky. Follow Kate’s stories at