Daily Qigong Practices to Rejuvenate Your Immune System

Daily Qigong Practices to Rejuvenate Your Immune System

Phil Bolsta
Phil Bolsta:
Shift Team Writer

Imagine feeling as vibrant as you did when you were in your twenties...

Wouldn’t it be great to feel that strong, healthy, and youthful again, as if the world was yours for the taking?

The good news is — no, make that the great news — you can strengthen your body and rejuvenate your immune system by optimizing your life force energy through the practice of Qigong.

In the powerful, yet easy-to-follow, video below, Master Mingtong Gu, one of the world’s pre-eminent teachers of Qigong — shows you how to activate your Qi (or chi) energy within every cell to energize, heal, and rejuvenate your entire body.

He demonstrates a number of exercises in Wisdom Healing Qigong — the specific lineage he was trained in which blends age-old teachings into a gentle practice of movement, visualization, sound, and meditation to help you awaken joy and healing from within.

These daily Qigong exercises are as easy to use as they are to learn — you can even do them while you’re sitting down. In fact, you can benefit just by watching the movement and listening to the vibration.

Don’t miss these highlights that Master Gu covers in this energizing “mini-workshop”:

  • (1:16) — A playful tapping exercise to awaken your whole body
  • (2:30) — A spinal rotation exercise to enliven your nerves and muscles
  • (6:32) — The importance of aligning your mind with your body
  • (10:13) — Using sound to awaken the energy of your kidney system

And don’t miss 7:11 when Master Gu demonstrates the “hugging the blue sky” exercise.

Imagine... a daily practice of simple Qigong movements can help you start your day energized and revitalized... no caffeine required!

Have you tried Qigong yet? Follow along with Master Gu in the above video and let us know if you felt energized and revitalized. We’d love to hear from you!

Did you enjoy the insights and video shared above? You’re invited to join Qigong master, teacher and healer Mingtong Gu for a free virtual video event, 5 Qigong Steps for Rejuvenating Your Immune System: How to Release Stress, Clear Blocks & Shift Disease to Enjoy Radiant Health .

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