Demystifying Shamanic Healing & Discovering the Power to Heal is in Your Hands

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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If you have ever worked with a shaman, you are likely aware of their healing power, wisdom and supernatural access to the world around them...

But do you know that this power to heal is also in you?

Through dreaming, tapping into your intuition, listening or simply giving and receiving energy, you are practicing the “tools and techniques” of a shaman...

Shamans also use items in their immediate environment for healing as well as prayer, meditation and rituals. You can do this too!

It can be as simple as using an egg, candle or tobacco smoke...

Shamans believe that the root of all illness is negative energy. There are many items or ingredients in your home and garden that you can use to heal and protect yourself from negative energy.

Plus, learning how to apply these items to healing yourself or your family is simple — and you can begin doing it right now!

Do you have an egg?

Eggs are incredible for absorbing negative energy. If you have a headache, muscle cramps, back pain, neck pain or even an old injury that aches, you can use an egg to absorb the energy and bring you relief. (Watch the video at 1:18 for the exact steps. It works and it’s easy!)

There are many sacred traditions. rituals and practices of a shaman. And every shaman has a teacher, guide or indigenous elder to show them this time-honored path to healing...

In this 6-minute video, shamanic teacher and healer Itzhak Beery will share with you several shamanic healing practices that you can begin to use right away.

For over 21 years, Itzhak has bridged the spiritual and practical wisdom his indigenous teachers entrusted in him with a powerful contemporary approach to shamanism relevant to our stressful and unbalanced modern times.

As you‘ll see in this video, Itzhak is known for his honesty and the simplicity and wisdom with which he teaches and practices shamanic healing. He exudes clarity and love and has a way of making those around him happy and enthusiastic.

Here’s just a few of the insights Itzhak shares in this video:

  • (1:05) — Demystifying shamanic healing
  • (1:18) — Accessing the healing power of an egg (and at 4:25 Itzhak gives an important key!)
  • (3:32) — How to use a candle for removing negative energy
  • (4:50) — Discover the many healing tools in your home

In Itzhak’s eyes, practicing shamanic healing is a God-given gift of being human, as well as our responsibility. It’s also a powerful way to be a part of the “remaking” of medicine, bringing back ancient healing practices to complement, and oftentimes guide, today’s Western protocols.

Have you tried shamanic healing? What’s your healing story? Do you have a favorite daily ritual or practice? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover the powerful shamanic way of “seeing” to balance and heal physical, emotional and spiritual illness and dis-ease in Itzhak Beery’s FREE class The 3 Keys to Shamanic Healing: Ancient Medicine Tools for Soul Healing, Energy Cleansing & Protection.

Have you been touched by Itzhak’s teachings in this video or elsewhere? Share your thoughts in the comments below.