Develop a ‘Sanctuary’ Practice to Receive Wisdom from the Great Goddesses & Feminine Mystics

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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Regardless of what you fill your days with — work, family, play, service — if you’re like most people, your schedule is packed with little to no downtime.

You might sense that there’s a part of you longing for more moments of calm and quiet beyond your morning meditation or yoga practice…

What if you could create within you a sacred space — a true sanctuary — where you could immerse yourself in renewing energies and connect deeply with the Beloved? An intimate space where you could release the tension in your body, relieve the stress or worries from your mind, or find comfort for the grief that’s gripping your heart...

In your sanctuary, you can find refuge and receive the gifts of great goddesses and feminine mystics...

Through Demeter and Persephone of the underworld, you’ll emerge renewed and ready to engage in more balanced ways — in your life and in your acts of service.

The goddess Tara, created from a tear of the Buddha, can guide you to open your heart and take courageous action.

Mary Magdalene, who holds the wisdom of radical mercy, can transform suffering — in you and in the world.

There are actually hundreds of mystics and goddesses for you to connect with, from a number of spiritual traditions.

In this eight-minute video, Mirabai Starr, a world-renowned inter-spiritual teacher and author of feminine mysticism, illuminates the power of creating a sanctuary, sabbath or sangha for yourself:


Watch as Mirabai shares the following insights about having an inner refuge so that you can “hear the prophetic voices” of the goddesses and feminine mystics:  

  • (0:57) — Fulfill your deep need for sanctuary & refuge 
  • (1:36) — Answer the call of the Holy Feminine within you 
  • (2:33) — Embrace the messy, broken imperfection of your Divinity
  • (3:00) — Turn to the goddess Tara for compassion & awakening
  • (4:40) — Feminine mysticism: A radical path of mystical union and healing action   
  • (5:12) — Connecting with the Mother Goddess & Your Life Force (A Guided Practice with Mirabai Starr)  

In this video, Mirabai encourages you not to seek refuge “in a solitary cave.” Instead she invites you to join in community with others. It is in this refuge, that you can rest in the transformative energies of the goddesses and feminine mystics.

Be sure you catch the guided breathing practice at 5:12, which will connect you the healing power of the Gaia, Mother Earth, Divine Mother...


How will YOU create your own sanctuary, sabbath or sangha?  Which goddess or feminine mystic will you invite into this intimate space? We’d love to hear from you!

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