Discover ‘Bear Wisdom’ & How the Animal Spirits in Your Dreams Can Help You Heal

Discover ‘Bear Wisdom’ & How the Animal Spirits in Your Dreams Can Help You Heal

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

An animal showing up in your nighttime dreams can be a sign of something much bigger and exciting to come...

Animals and their spirits have been honored as our wise guides and protectors by shamans for millenia.

And dreamworkers — who look to their dreams for self-knowledge and insights — can find clues about how to deal with life challenges or health issues, inspiration to follow a passion, or ways to shift the future for the better from our furry friends.

When we consider the characteristics of the animals that appear in our dreams — and their habitats, what they eat, even their “personalities,” we can receive insights into what we may be needing to bring more of into our own lives.

What would it be like to slither like a snake, play like a puppy, be sly like a fox? Would approaching our life challenges with the energy of a particular animal create a positive shift?

The animal allies in our dreams can bring us just the “medicine” we need to help cure what’s ailing — in our lives, bodies, minds, and spirits — when we can allow ourselves to take on their energies or ways of being.

And sometimes, these animal friends may come with the unexpected gift of a more direct healing...

For dream shaman and bestselling author Robert Moss, it was the Bear that appeared in his dreams — breaking into his home, huge and menacing, in a recurring nightmare — that brought him a gift he’s held dear and used again and again ever since.

In this 8-minute audio, Robert shares what it was like to face and be transformed by the Bear in his dreams, our connection to the Bear’s warrior and goddess energies, how the animal spirits in our dreams help transform us, and more...

You may be amazed at what a loving guide and protector Bear and all our animal allies have been throughout history, and how they continue to bring us guidance, healing, and inspiration in our dreams and lives.

Don’t miss Robert’s fascinating story and inspiring insights on how you can use Bear energy — and the energies of other animal spirits — to help heal your body, mind and soul:

  • (00:46) — Discover how to re-enter and face an image in a dream.
  • (02:37) — Why Bear appears in our visions and dreams.
  • (04:41) — Our connections with animal spirits illuminate natural parts of our own energy.
  • (06:06) — How our animal allies can help us reclaim lost parts of ourselves.
  • (07:28) — Connect with animal spirits as a quick way to raise your vital energy.

Plus, Robert is a world-renowned storyteller, as well as a master dream teacher, and his inspiring stories about the Bear and our other animal allies are among some of his best...

Do you have a story about the Bear or other animals that have appeared in your dreams? Have you experienced personal transformations inspired by the animal allies in your dreams? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover more about Bear wisdom and other “animal doctors,” and the wisdom they hold and bring to us in our dreams for our healing, happiness, and fulfilment in Robert Moss’s FREE class: Dreaming With the Bear: Discover Mind-Body-Soul Healing Through Active Dreaming, Imagination & Play.

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