Discover 3 Qigong Practices to Awaken Joy & Healing from Within [with Videos]

Discover 3 Qigong Practices to Awaken Joy & Healing from Within [with Videos]

Mingtong Gu
Mingtong Gu:
Founder of the Chi Center

There is an invisible energy which cannot be seen, but it can be felt and experienced....

And as it travels through your body, it makes your heart beat, it nourishes your tissue and organs, and it even contributes to the conscious activities of your mind.

The role of Qi — this energy that animates all life —  in health, wellbeing and consciousness originated in the far east over 5,000 years ago. And with deep roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy and martial arts, we can call upon the practice of Qigong to release energy blockages and cultivate and balance our Qi.

(Qigong is pronounced "chee-Gong," with "Qi" = energy, and "Gong" = practice of.)

And below I’m honored to share three simple Wisdom Healing Qigong exercises which can enable you to access this energy of life to calm the mind, recharge your body and reduce stress.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Wisdom Healing Qigong is a special form of Qigong developed by Dr. and Grandmaster Pang, a skilled western medical doctor and eastern Chinese medical doctor I was fortunate enough to study under in China.

And what makes it so unique is that it blends many age-old teachings into a gentle practice of movement, visualization, sound and meditation in order to help you awaken joy and healing from within.

I hope you enjoy these exercises which are designed to be easy to learn, yet intensively effective (and can be done at any age).

1.  Qigong Movement (Chen Chi)


Awaken new sensation and vitality in your whole body through this Wisdom Healing Qigong practice called Chen Chi. Because many of us work many hours sitting at a computer in poor posture, our shoulders and back can absorb and hold onto tension and stress. This energy practice activates and opens the shoulder joints, chest and the Meridian channels. Follow along with me and allow the chi to continuously open, awaken and flow throughout your body.

2.  Qigong Sound (Haola)


Welcome the healing potential within through chanting the healing sound of Haola (from Wisdom Healing Qigong). Haola means “All is Well and so be it!” You are born with the ultimate goodness of life and harmony within. Throughout each moment of life — even through worry, illness, injury — on the deepest level, our body, mind and heart can activate this aliveness.

3.  Qigong Movement & Sound

Reconnect with the energy which flows through the body and spine through this simple, yet powerful healing sound and movement. This Wisdom Healing Qigong practice moves blocked energy held in your organs and body, releasing stress and illness. For thousands of years, Qigong has recognized the importance of healing emotional health for whole body wellness, and with every practice, you’re making possible a new opening for more energy, happiness and joy

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