Discover The Amazing Healing Properties Of Helichrysum Essential Oil For Your Body And Mind

Ben Hart
Ben Hart:
International Speaker and Writer, VP of Marketing at The Shift Network

How would you like to discover a natural way to heal physical wounds and uplift your emotions?

Renowned botanical plant pioneer and essential oil expert David Crow rates a rare essential oil called helichrysum as one of the best oils for many types of physical AND emotional healing...

Helichrysum has been proven highly effective in helping to heal cuts, even post-surgical wounds, as well as in aiding in skin regeneration, scar tissue resolution and in increasing circulation. In a hydrosol form, it’s used as an anti-inflammatory and for anti-aging.

And, depending on where helichrysum is from and whether it’s harvested from the wild or cultivated, you can find a chemotype that’s very effective for contemplative aromatherapy, with inhalation providing a clearing in the mind for greater peace and meditation.

Essential oils that provide this magical quality are known as “wish-fulfilling gems,” capable of inciting good dreams and stimulating the limbic system to promote “emotional wound healing.”

In this 18-minute video with David Crow, you can discover much more about this richly fragrant, honey-scented essential oil, including simple ways to use it to promote physical and emotional healing — even to slow down the aging process.

You’ll also discover it’s interesting history and how it grows wild in the rocky cliffs of Corsica as well as what makes its wildly harvested types so rare.

Here’s what David Crow covers in this insightful video:

  • (2:03) — Expanded uses for helichrysum David wasn’t even aware of.
  • (2:59) — Why David ranks helichrysum the #1 healing essential oil.
  • (7:01) — Discover the two chemotypes of helichrysum oil and how they each offer differing therapeutics
  • (9:16) — How and what type of helichrysum provides “emotional wound healing” through aromatherapy
  • (15:31) — Four types of helichrysum remedies you can acquire and use

This exotic, yet highly practical, essential oil can serve as an important mainstay in your natural home pharmacy for wound healing and emotional well being. It’s an exciting essential oil to know about...

Have you tried helichrysum essential oil for healing? What more would you like to know about using essential oils for your physical and emotional wellbeing? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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