Discover Ancestral Medicine & Turn Family Burdens Into Blessings

Discover Ancestral Medicine & Turn Family Burdens Into Blessings

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

So much of our suffering as human beings comes from the false perception that we are separate –- from nature and from others, including our ancestors…

If we’re on the path, our spiritual practice can help us dissolve this illusion, yet sometimes it’s the result of something so deep –– going all the way back to our ancestral roots –– that we can’t seem to clear it.

That’s where ancestral medicine can be helpful. This ancient and sacred shamanic practice helps you connect with your deceased ancestors who are well in spirit, to assist them in healing your blood ancestors who are not yet at peace.

For many, this can be the missing piece needed for healing family wounds and traumas. Psychotherapist and ancestral medicine teacher Daniel Foor has witnessed this in thousands of people. 

By connecting with ancestors in our lineages who are well in spirit –– through the practices and rituals of ancestral medicine –– to help heal the troubled dead in our bloodlines, we open the door for deep healing to steep throughout the lineage all the way to family members who are alive today …

And we make way for many other blessings to find their way to us, our family, our community, and our culture.

In the following 7-minute video, Daniel shares more about the healing possible through the practice of ancestral medicine, and the many benefits it can bring as it opens our hearts to greater understanding, forgiveness, and feelings of belonging.

Don’t miss these fascinating insights from Daniel on how ancestral medicine can help us to heal ourselves, our families, and our culture:

(01:04) — Understand the significance of seeking the help of your ancestors of blood, bone, and body
(02:07) — What is the intent behind ancestral medicine?
(02:38) — Discover Daniel’s approach to ancestral medicine
(04:30) — How healing happens through the practice of ancestral medicine
(05:44) — The benefits of partnering with deceased blood ancestors who are well in spirit
(06:38) –– How ancestral healing nourishes our cultural roots

Current research suggests that our very DNA can hold the traumas of our ancestors — which can increase the likelihood that we’ll develop stress or anxiety disorders, This alone can inspire us to practice ancestral medicine — to bring in its deep healing. Yet, there is also the possibility of receiving and embodying many additional blessings available through our connection with the ancestors of our blood lineages... life-changing benefits gained through new understandings and forgiveness.

As Daniel shares in the above video, we are deeply connected to our blood ancestors — even if we are adopted (and don’t know anything about them). And through the practice of ancestral medicine, we can make that tie one of comfort and belonging, for ourselves, our family, and our culture.

Do you have a story about a blood family ancestor who has transitioned and who you believe may still be in need of healing? Have you experienced ancestral healing in your own family lineage? We’d love to hear from you! 

Did you enjoy the insights and video shared above? You're invited to join Daniel for a free virtual video event, Ancestral Medicine: Discover How to Heal Family Burdens & Reclaim the Blessings of Your Lineage.

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