Discover How to Grow a Personalized Herbal Pharmacy

Phil Bolsta
Phil Bolsta:
Shift Team Writer

You can take your health in your own hands by growing a personalized herb garden and creating your own herbal remedies from the plants that flourish in it...

In this 12-minute talk, medical herbalist and master gardener Chanchal Cabrera shows you how to create a custom-made herb garden.

Chanchal takes you on a tour of which plants to grow to address particular health conditions — from immune disorders, colds, and flus to sleep challenges, stress, and more.

In these challenging times, designing and creating your own herbal pharmacy is a practical and meaningful way to express autonomy and self-reliance, both for yourself and for your community.

Be sure to set aside some time and listen closely to this illuminating dialogue, in which Chanchal offers example after example of helpful botanicals — and the magical, mystical, and often miraculous ability they have to heal our bodies, minds, and souls.

You may never look at health and wellness in the same way again!

Don’t miss these highlights that Chanchal covers in this information-packed “mini-workshop”:

Don’t miss these highlights that Chanchal covers in this information-packed “mini-workshop”:

  • (0:24) — Growing general purpose medicines for colds, flus, etc.
  • (0:57) — Herbs to grow for addressing sleep problems
  • (2:17) — Planting herbs in clusters according to specific uses
  • (6:48) — The weed that’s a medicine chest unto itself
  • (9:56) — Herbs for sleep and stress

And don’t miss 3:03 when Chanchal talks about the importance of growing diaphoretics to activate your immune system.

After listening to Chanchal’s extensive, hard-earned wisdom about the plant “kin-dom,” as she calls it, I think you’ll find that the excitement of growing your own herbal medicines is matched only by their promise of life-enhancing health benefits!

Are you already growing your own herbal remedies? What's your go-to herb in your garden? We’d love to hear from you!

Did you enjoy the insights and audio shared above? You're invited to join Chanchal Cabrera for a free virtual video event, How to Grow Your Own Herbal Medicine: Discover Botanical Remedies, Forest Therapy & Ancient Secrets for Accessing the Healing Power of the Natural World.

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