Discover How to Unblock Your Relationship with Money

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What are your barriers to achieving the levels of abundance and comfort you’re seeking… so that you can live your life with ease, grace, freedom, and a generous heart?

Do you believe that if you worked harder, earned more, saved more, or managed better…. you wouldn’t have issues with money?

Or, maybe just reading this and thinking about money is stirring feelings of shame and regret.

Or, like many of us, you’ve been programmed by society, your upbringing, or the culture you were raised in that it’s taboo to discuss your finances?

These beliefs may be exactly what’s blocking you from having the relationship with money that you desire….

So, what can you do?

Start with self-compassion and curiosity…

In this 4-minute video, author and therapist Kate Levinson, PhD, will help you start to break free of the grip your thoughts and feelings around money have on you (and your life).

She’ll illuminate how you can open to self-empowering ways of engaging with money that support a deeper connection to yourself and more abundance in all areas of your life.

Don’t miss how to transform your relationship with money by changing your approach, energy, and practices around “wealth” with these key highlights from Kate:   

  • (0:40) — Discover the deeper levels of money… beyond dollars and cents 
  • (1:25) — Explore money through a multidimensional lens — emotional, psychological, and symbolic 
  • (1:40) — A powerful story of reclaiming creativity as a path to greater abundance
  • (3:39) — How to unblock your relationship with money and release the stranglehold of money to live a happier, healthier life with more abundance, creativity and freedom

Many of these self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings about money are unconscious — permeating all areas of our lives without us even knowing it — and preventing us from fully enjoying our lives, thriving as who we want to be, or bringing to the world what we most want to.

Now, Kate helps you create a clear path for finding your financial fulfillment...


Do you have a money story to share? What’s your go-to practice for unblocking your relationship to money? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover how to heal your thoughts and feelings about money to enjoy all aspects of your life in  Kate’s FREE class: 3 Keys to Understanding Your Emotional Currency™: Discover a Compassionate Approach to Healing the Way You Think & Feel About Money

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