Discover the Magic in Meaningful 'Coincidences' to Bring More Courage, Creativity & Healing Into Your Life

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

Do you believe in synchronicities or meaningful coincidences?

When you do, life gets a whole lot more interesting, and you get a whole lot better at navigating your life.

Synchronicities, according to dream shaman and bestselling author Robert Moss, can lead us to “everyday magic”...

... as the universe appears to bring us insights for solving life challenges and possibilities for our most cherished intentions through signs and symbols that pop up all around us as we go about our day.

Jung, who first coined the term synchronicity, believed that events are meaningful coincidences if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

These potent clues — if we’re paying attention — can show up as that clever phrase on a vanity license plate, a reassuring smile from a stranger, or a bird that’s flown into your kitchen window.

Catch what you were wondering in those moments and see if these “signs” shed light on your query.

When you get good at this, Robert assures us, you’ll be amazed at the wise oracles always available to help you along your life path — as well as their incredible timing.

And you’ll enjoy more comfort and less worry, as you experience a deeper connection with the unseen wisdom surrounding you and always available.

In this 7-minute audio, Robert shares what it’s like to dip into this form of everyday magic, including a fun and powerful way to play with synchronicity that can open your eyes to just how empowering giving form to the universe’s unseen forces can be.

Don’t miss these fascinating insights from Robert into how to open to the wise oracles all around you that appear through seeming coincidences:

  • (00:13) — Discover what it feels like to experience synchronistic moments.
  • (02:08) — What being aware of synchronicities brings to your everyday life.
  • (03:58) — Learn to play “sidewalk tarot” to invite synchronicity into your life.
  • (05:33) — Discover how wise oracles in unassuming forms are all around you.
  • (06:24) — Be present and open to wonder to experience the magic in life.

The world and possibilities for your life can expand instantly when you open to synchronistic moments, as you discover — from the most unassuming sources — the wisdom to help heal your body, mind, and soul.

When you open to the possibility that wise gods, goddesses, and damons of other realms, can show up in your day-to-day life in the form of everyday objects and occurrences — poking a finger through the veil to help you along your path — you don’t feel quite so alone.

You also invite in a deeper and more powerful and fun way of living your life and growing your dreams.

Robert is a world-renowned dream shaman, as well as a bestselling author of over a dozen books on dreaming. He helps us explore our nighttime dreams and daytime synchronicities as magical, healing, and fun avenues for helping us live our “bigger” story, the one our soul knows we yearn to experience.

Do you have a story about an interesting synchronistic occurrence in your life? Have you experienced personal transformations inspired by synchronicities?

We’d love to hear from you!

Discover more about the magic of synchronicity and how to live the “bigger story” for your life and experience more courage, creativity, and joy in Robert Moss’s FREE class: Consulting Everyday Oracles: Opening to Synchronicity, Magic & the Wisdom All Around You.

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