Discover The Power Of The Trickster (In You And The World)

Ben Hart
Ben Hart:
International Speaker and Writer, VP of Marketing at The Shift Network

Do you find it difficult to make changes in your life, family or community?

Do you dream of sharing your true gifts and talents with the world, yet can’t seem to get out of the rut of your day job?

If a still, small (or very loud) voice inside you is telling you “out with the old and in with the new,” meet your greatest ally: Trickster.

Trickster is nothing less than an evolutionary genius — a powerful force for positive change, from the personal to the political — that lives within YOU and in the world.

And like you, the energy of the Trickster wants to do fun and sometimes very unorthodox ways!

Trickster shows up in ancient myths and nature. In wordplay and astrology. This creative energy is literally stirring EVERYWHERE.

And when you know how to tune into this catalytic force, you can move mountains and people... and have a LOT of fun doing it.

Trickster has been around since the Big Bang, says Caroline Casey, Chief Trickster at Coyote Network News — so you can fully rely on its ability to spark change — both big and small.

It’s magical, playful and all-inclusive, turning foes into allies and bridging divides in unexpected ways.

Is it time to unleash Trickster’s liberating power into your life?

In this powerful 11-minute video, the inimitable Caroline Casey shares her wily coyote magic to bring more liberation to your soul and our world...for example:

  • (0:32) — What is the Trickster (both within you and in the world)?
  • (2:06) — How liberation happens through the ever-present spark of “evolving ingenuity”
  • (4:56) — What you can learn from wolf’s style of leadership and its relationship to play
  • (5:48) — Sumerian wisdom: The keys to liberating culture
  • (8:05) — The world-changing game of Beauty Poker
  • (9:46) — Discover freedom in the phrase “my dangerous, beautiful life assignment”

Caution: You may notice that Caroline’s incredible mind weaves a remarkable number of threads per minute into a new tapestry of possibility...all to lead you to a more beautiful life and a world that truly works for EVERYONE.

Caroline has been at forefront of new-paradigm spirituality and in the trenches of Washington, DC politics since she was a wee one. She’s deeply informed by astrological wizardry and social-change-savvy.

How do you feel about the energy of the Trickster? What realizations have you had around it? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover how to release more of the liberating power of the Trickster in your life and into our world in Caroline’s FREE class, Rising Trickster Renaissance: Protecting Democracy from Dementors of Doom with Creativity, Magic & Myth.