Do you Have a Rich Spiritual Life, but Lack Abundance?

Do you Have a Rich Spiritual Life, but Lack Abundance?

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

Are you “spiritually aware,” yet struggle to manifest in other areas of your life?

Do you long for a job where you feel fulfilled... and financially abundant?

Is your heart open, yet the “one” is still nowhere in sight?

These obstacles may be a result of energy blockages in your lower chakras, especially your root chakra — which connects you to the physical world and grounds you into the creative, generative pulse of the earth.

So, while you’ve devoted years to your spiritual practice, accessing your higher guidance and connecting you to the Divine through your crown chakra... you’re unable to manifest on the physical plane.

It’s likely that in your daily efforts to align with Spirit, you’ve unwittingly ‘bypassed’ the very wounds and energy patterns that are now blocking your ability to receive abundance and manifest what you most want...

In the five-minute video below, leading intuitive healer and teacher Wendy De Rosa, reveals that the keys to true abundance are in your lower chakras, and illuminates the reasons you may have been unable to manifest what you desire... (until now!).

Don’t miss the illuminating insights Wendy covers in this 5-minute video:

  • (0:09) — Love, Money & Divine Flow through Your Entire Body
  • (0:52) — Receiving Abundance: Clearing Fear in the Root Chakra
  • (2:21) — Are You Spiritually Connected Yet Blocked in the Lower Body?
  • (3:00) — Opening to Earth’s Energy: Your Grounding Cord
  • (3:40) — Clearing Lineage and Soul Level Resistance to Abundance
  • (4:15) — Where are YOUR Money Blocks?

Wendy also explains that while we carry some energy blocks from our life experiences, others are passed on through our ancestors and culture, as well as religious doctrine.

And don’t miss Wendy’s powerful insight aboutsoul-level healing... to allow more abundance into your life!

How does your connection with the Divine relate to your relationship to money, love and other forms of abundance? What’s your understanding the ways your body “holds” energy and receives (or deflects) abundance? We’d love to hear from you!

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