Eliminate Problems at Their Core With 4 Radical Practices

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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What if you could access a comprehensive methodology that liberates you at the most fundamental levels of your being…  and shifts your perception of reality itself?

And do so quickly?

It might sound like hyperbole, but I’ve experienced firsthand the profound transformative practices of Satyen Raja and they're more than worth your time to explore…

So many of us seek out personal growth methods because we want to remove obstacles blocking us from achieving the life we want, the body we want, the relationship we want, the job we want, the money we want… 

We might spend months or years trying to overcome these obstacles, only to eventually discover that what’s been blocking us all along are unconscious feelings of unworthiness. 

We then apply affirmations or practices that move us from feeling unworthy or like we’re “not enough” to feeling worthy and valued — and deserving of abundance and freedom. This is significant progress… however, if we make a mistake at work, or forget an appointment, or experience some other type of shame-triggering event, we feel unworthy again. Just. Like. That. 

We toggle back and forth between "worthy" and "unworthy," with our future dependent on which self-image is able to stay in control.

In this short video, Satyen Raja, a leading spiritual teacher, coach and martial artist, will guide you through the four elements of every problem — and show you how to recognize them and shift them (permanently AND quickly!)

Don’t miss these highlights in this powerful video with Satyen:

  • (1:38) — Discover the four fundamental elements of your reality that are holding you back  
  • (4:15) — Identify your biggest challenge and release the tension NOW
  • (8:30) — Awaken every level of your being 
  • (9:40) — Accelerated evolution: aligning with the oneness of life 
  • (10:20) — Draw the power of choice back to your soul   

If you’re seeking an effective (and fast!) breakthrough with any challenge, the method Satyen shares in this powerful video is designed for just that. 

He’ll show you how you can remove obstacles to growth, true freedom and presence at their roots — releasing contractions in all four dimensions of your subjective reality!

Radically Liberate Your Authentic Self & Experience Awakened Consciousness Through Accelerated Evolution Practices in Satyen Raja’s FREE class, Discover the Secrets to Accelerating Your Evolution: 3 Radical Methods to Dissolve Your Blocks to Spiritual Fulfillment, Loving Relationships & Financial Flow

In what area of your life are you experiencing the greatest blocks? Have you applied the techniques of Accelerated Evolution? We’d love to hear from you!