[Empaths] 3 Ways to Recognize If You’re Feeling Other People’s Emotions Instead of Your Own

Empaths and highly sensitive people are born with a special intuitive gift — one that allows them to see and feel things around them that most others are completely unaware of. But this gift also can be a curse...

If empaths don’t know how to protect themselves and distinguish their emotions from those of others around them, they can become emotionally drained and find themselves stuck in unhealthy relationship dynamics.

That’s why psychiatrist, empath, and intuitive healer Dr. Judith Orloff has made it her life’s work to help empaths protect themselves while still embracing and enhancing the intuitive gifts they were born with.

Dr. Orloff's 3 Ways to Recognize If You're Feeling Other People's Emotions

In the following video, Judith answers a question from a student and fellow empath on how to recognize if you’re feeling someone else’s emotions — and what to do if you think you are.

Here are the practices Dr. Orloff recommends:

1) Move Away Physically

According to Dr. Orloff, physical proximity affects your emotional energy because energy fields extend far beyond the physical body. So one of the quickest and easiest ways to tell if you’re feeling someone else’s emotions is to take some space. Move 20 feet away and see how your feelings and energy change.

2) Know Your Emotional Triggers

Judith says we tend to pick up emotions that we haven’t healed within ourselves. Old stuff that we carry around from the traumas of our life (especially from childhood) is more easily triggered and absorbed from those around us. So, know your top five triggers in relation to your own wounds and check in with them when you need to. And of course, continue working on healing those wounds on your own personal growth journey. As you do, the impact of your emotional triggers will lessen.

3) Make It a Mantra

Make a practice of simply asking yourself, “Is this emotion mine or someone else's?” Asking yourself regularly during the day will help you develop the habit. That way, when the boundary between your feelings and someone else’s begins to blur, you’ll be prepared with your mantra.

If you’re an empath, it’s crucial for you to learn how to protect yourself from toxic relationship dynamics, and how to turn your special intuitive powers inward — so you can attend to your own physical and emotional wellbeing first.

In her free online event, Dr. Jufith Orloff’s Keys to Being a Healthy Empath: Practices for Protection, Surrender & Listening to Your Intuition During Stressful Times, Dr. Orloff covers ways for you to stand in your own power and use your intuitive gifts without losing yourself to those around you.

To be a healer — for yourself and others — you need to feel your own strength. Judith can show you how to find this inner power consistently... through practices you can access quickly and easily.

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