Is the Enneagram the Right Path for YOU?

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

When you’re emotionally triggered by a person or situation do you try to “rise above it,” yet find this difficult...and at times impossible?

Are you working on releasing old beliefs or unproductive habits but find the patterns just won’t budge?

You may have noticed your personality habits are not going to give up easily (the ego is invested in the status quo)...

Which is why it is SO important to have a spiritual practice to help you make the shifts you’re trying to make in your life, work and relationships.

Yet, even if you pray, meditate, practice yoga or engage in some other form of spiritual practice, the patterns within you can be VERY tenacious. Thankfully, the Enneagram can help relax these patterns so the deeper aspects of who you are can emerge and blossom.

Beyond a basic understanding of the 9 personality types, you can discover the true purpose of the serve as a path for self-actualization and enlightenment.

And when you can not only learn but embody these innermost teachings of the Enneagram through specific practices, that’s when you taste of the real fruits:

Profound presence, access to your authentic intuition and a capacity to express in the world, your deepest gifts.

We asked three of today’s leading Enneagram “depth” teachers to illuminate the innermost wisdom teachings — listen in as Helen Palmer, Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb share profound insights and transformational practices for your journey of spiritual growth.

Barriers & Doorways to Intuitive Guidance in the 9 Personality Types

In this enthralling audio, Helen Palmer, bestselling author of The Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and the Others In Your Life, shares about the doorway of our personalities to an inner witness and our intuitive guidance. Listen in to discover how different Enneagram types unwittingly cut themselves off from divine wisdom...

And don’t miss what Helen Palmer shares at 2:44 about the imaginative components of your body, heart and mind, which can open you to states of deep presence, during meditation for example.

The Mystical Enneagram: Discover Your Type’s Deeper Heart & Mind Qualities

In this second, brief audio, Russ Hudson (co-founder of the Enneagram Institute) uses the personality type of the Point 4 to illuminate the qualities of higher consciousness accessible through the Enneagram.

Yet, our human instincts, and patterns in our personality and nervous systems, can block us from awakening to these liberating, mystical states of being...

Be sure to catch Russ Hudson’s insights at 0:45 about the social, attraction and self-preservation instincts and the 9 higher qualities of mind, known as the Holy Ideas.

Access the Innate Intelligence of Your Mind, Heart and Body: Simple, Guided Enneagram Practice

In this guided audio practice, master Enneagram teacher and breathwork pioneer Jessica Dibb guides you the simplest, most profound spiritual practice of all time: Awareness of the breath.

The 3-centered breath practice she shares can activate your emotional, cognitive and somatic intelligences — creating a state of “brain-coherence.” Yet, this experience of breath in the 3 centers (head, heart and body), is quite different for each Enneagram type!

Be sure to catch 1:51, to experience the intelligence of your body, through the sensations of your breath. And don’t miss Jessica’s brilliant insights at 3:15 about emotional intelligence and “softening the contractions of the heart to receive more love... even becoming love itself.”

In these three audios, you’ll discover three distinctly powerful aspects of the Enneagram...and how it’s SO much more than a personality typing system...

What are your impressions of the Enneagram as a path for spiritual growth? Are you aware of your personality type and the ways it can work for rather than against you in your life, work and relationships? We want to hear from you!

Discover how to develop your intuitive guidance, awaken to profound presence and express your soul gifts — in 3 Enneagram Keys to Your Spiritual Evolution: Beyond Personality Types Into Freedom & Wholeness

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