Everyday Peace — Two Discoveries

Everyday Peace — Two Discoveries

Bill Bauman
Bill Bauman:
Spiritual teacher

By Bill Bauman

Peace is something we all crave, from its personal "feel good" qualities to its global realization. In 1990 my beautiful life partner Donna and I founded World Peace Institute, a deeply spiritually based activist organization, in Washington, DC. Through its various involvements we attempted to introduce the experience of "oneness"--especially our interconnected oneness as a human family—into our world's complex peace making processes.

Through my ten years in this work, I came upon two profound discoveries, each of which changed my life dramatically. The first one is quite mystical: You and I are microcosms and embodiments of the entire world, in fact, of all creation. In our oneness with the human family, we hold every human being in our souls. In a very pure sense, we are every human being. We contribute to each person's growth and evolution simply by being in a human form. In our shared unconscious depth we heal and bless everyone. It may even be that this is why you and I have incarnated—to love and bless the entire world by loving and blessing ourselves—to bring peace to humanity by bringing it to ourselves.

When we are personally at peace, we soulfully deposit that peace into the unconscious core of every human being. In understandable contrast, when we're judgmental or condemning of others, it is precisely these thought-based energies that we deposit into the hearts of our human brothers and sisters. That is how we are immeasurably powerful--internally, personally, deeply, soulfully. We need not be a global activist or successful peace advocate; we need only be at peace within ourselves. The world hears us in its soul, feels us in its heart, and receives us in its depths—always.

My second discovery, more practical and personal than the first, stemmed from the very basic question: What is my purpose in life? Why did I enter into this strange but needful human family? Was it, for example, to bemoan, criticize or complain about our world's or humanity's pain-filled situations? How often we bemoan "the sorry state" of our human dynamics, judging our circumstances as "ain't it awful"! Or, did I incarnate here to bring a bigger, mightier gift to humanity’s needs—feelings of unconditional love, intentions of profound healing, intimate embraces of oneness for our deserving human family?

When I got thoroughly introspective about this question, the answer became blindingly clear: To create peace "out there," I must first create peace within myself. To have negative thoughts about the world around me is only to inflict those thoughts onto my fellow human strugglers. In short, since all of us are intimately interconnected, and since my feelings and thoughts are powerful instruments in making a difference within our collective human psyche, I decided to be done forever with "ain't it awful?" thinking and "oh poor me/us!" feelings. In their place I chose to embrace feelings and thoughts of peace within myself—every day.

That's my personal story. What about you? You are as instrumental in bringing about world peace as is any recognized world leader. Your personal thoughts and feelings matter immensely, not only to you but to everyone else. Every human being is soulfully depending on you. If you think thoughts of peace and feel emotions of peace within yourself every day—that is, if you experience "everyday peace"—you will truly be the avatar and gift giver of peace that you came to our precious earth to be. What about you?

Together, let's dedicate ourselves to this wondrous goal: to experience everyday peace in every fiber of our being, at every level of our psyche, in every breath of our awareness. Together, let's bring about peace--globally, inter-culturally, interpersonally—by being a shining model and mirror of intrapersonal peace. In this shared journey, I add my own love and blessing to you and your wondrous, loving heart. May peace begin with us!

Bill Bauman is a faculty with the Shift Network. Keep an eye out for our announcement about Bill’s upcoming free event on August 19!

Bill Bauman is a noted trainer, speaker, motivator and empowerer of people. He has spent his adult life serving many professional roles: that of a priest, psychotherapist, psychological and business consultant, empowerment specialist, transformational leader, entrepreneur, peace advocate and spiritual visionary of life’s possibilities. Through decades of inspiring and loving service, he has brought a dynamic message of hope, a proven approach to change, and a true excitement about life’s possibilities into the lives of thousands of people. To learn more about Bill Bauman, click here.