Feeling Overly Sensitive? You Might Be A Gifted Intuitive Healer...

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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Are you an empath? Do you interpret, interact, and relate to the world around you through your feelings?  

Do your friends and family describe you as “sensitive” or maybe even, “overly sensitive”? 

Empathy is essential to experiencing intimacy in your relationships — and to your ability to express lovingkindness towards others and connect with your passion and divine purpose... 

However, when there’s childhood trauma, a lack of healthy bonding, or your emotions are undervalued in your formative years (which is the norm in our modern culture), you not only suppress your connection to your feelings, you disengage from your natural inner guidance and wisdom.  

You become outwardly focused, overly empathetic, and overly sensitive. 

When I was growing up, my siblings would often criticize me...

“You’re so sensitive!” “Don’t be a crybaby!” My mother would often say, “If you’re going to cry, you can do that in your room.”  

I was raised in a home where there was unpredictable anger, and at times, violence. I often felt anxious. It wasn’t safe for me to have and express my feelings. In an attempt to make myself feel safe, I would scan the adults around me to gauge moods, read nonverbal cues, and prepare for what was needed or what might happen next. 

And as a result, I would take on the energy and emotions of those around me. 

As I grew up, I continued to be hypervigilant, carrying on the practice of scanning and reading people’s energy and emotions. This “skill” has made me a kind friend, mother, sister, and daughter, and opened me to a life of caring for and serving those in need. 

As an adult, I built on this skill through working with the chakras and energy healing. I even trained as an intuitive healer and went on to teach at a school for intuition medicine. 

Although I’ve been a practitioner of energy medicine for many years, have spent time in therapy, and continue to work with a number of healing modalities, the work of Wendy De Rosa has turned my understanding of emotions, energy, and chakras on end — and profoundly deepened my own healing journey.

In this revealing 9-minute video, Wendy, a leading intuitive healer and trainer, describes how the emotional and energetic patterning in the lower three chakras can be healed — transforming you from being “too sensitive” into an empowered, connected intuitive healer.  

If you relate to any part of my story, she also describes the power center of the first chakra (root chakra) and what happens when a child doesn’t feel safe or is overwhelmed by anger and other emotions in the family (along with the need for hypervigilance involving the second and third chakras). 

Don’t miss the illuminating insights Wendy covers in this 9-minute video:

  • (:00) — The root chakra, your first power center and bonding experience   
  • (1:30) — Discover how when boundaries are crossed, an empath becomes overly sensitive
  • (3:48) — Understanding the second chakra as your emotional and safety barometer
  • (5:10) — How Spirit preserves your light and power
  • (6:06) — What every empathic child needs
  • (7:06) — Setting boundaries and embodying your true Self

If you struggle with absorbing the energy of those around you — which disconnects you from your higher Self and Spirit — you’ll also discover how healthy boundaries will help you to serve others from a place of wholeness and enable you to reconnect with your Divine purpose.

And don’t miss what she shares about the call for empathic, heart-centered souls in our world! Your sensitivity is very much needed right now!!    

Would you describe yourself as an empath? How do you experience this in your body? How do you keep from becoming overwhelmed by the energy and emotions of others? We’d love to hear from you!

Dissolve longstanding emotional and energetic blocks, awaken your intuition, and align with your True Self with Wendy De Rosa, in her FREE class The 4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing: Clearing Emotional and Energetic Blocks to Liberate Your Intuition & Healing Gifts

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