Finding Freedom in Acceptance and Wisdom in Suffering

Finding Freedom in Acceptance and Wisdom in Suffering

Phil Bolsta
Phil Bolsta:
Shift Team Writer

Have you ever found yourself stewing about an unpleasant encounter or event you experienced?

Have you tried to “let the experience go” so you could find peace again, only to be frustrated by your inability to do so?

Therein lies the tug of war between attachment and acceptance. Attachment to desires and outcomes typically produces anxiety and anguish along the way, no matter how things work out.

The only way to transcend your attachment to “what should have happened” or “how you should have been treated” is to accept what happened, unplug from it emotionally, and view it as a conscious, impartial witness.

That does not mean that you should be apathetic and disinterested in what you experience. You may still care deeply about results, but from an objective, enlightened perspective.

The better you can observe your life from this witness consciousness, the less you will suffer. Why? As the Buddha noted, attachment to desires is the origin of suffering.

What if you could overcome difficult emotions and the suffering they generate by becoming, in spiritual icon Ram Dass’ words, “ an impeccable warrior for truth, ” someone who is deeply involved in every moment of life but unattached to the outcome of their efforts?

In the following 13-minute audio, Ram Dass shares vital spiritual wisdom about how to find meaning in suffering and live with “eyes unclouded by longing.”

Don’t miss these highlights that Ram Dass covers in this powerful talk:

  • (2:20) — How to be an impeccable warrior
  • (3:14) — Understanding the relationship between form and formlessness
  • (4:28) — The distinction between heaven and hell
  • (6:25) — The importance of allowing whatever happens
  • (9:26) — How to create whatever you please
  • (10:24) — The purifying effect of suffering

Ultimately, Ram Dass affirms, no matter how lost, scared, vulnerable, or powerless you feel, you can treat this very moment as a portal to understanding, acceptance, and healing.

Have you experienced the freedom of non-attachment? Has finding meaning in your suffering helped you to deal with hardship? We’d love to hear from you!

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