A Fish Story - Spiritual Cinema Circle

A Fish Story - Spiritual Cinema Circle

By MaryKay Morgan

What happens when we die? What becomes of us when we are “dead?” It’s a question every living person asks at some time or another, and the “answer” is central dogma to virtually every faith tradition and religion.  But it’s not just the faithful who are interested in the answer to this question. Scientists too have studied extensively “near death experiences,” also known as NDE’s.  As might be expected, the conclusions of the researchers vary widely from the NDE experience as nothing but the brain’s response to a lack of oxygen to solid proof that an afterlife exists. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects to the question, “What happens when I die,” is how our personal answer has the power to shape the way we live.  Would you live differently today, for example, if you believed that death was The End, curtains, you no more?

Or, what if you believed that what happens is dependent upon if you were “good” or “bad” during your time on this earth?

Or, what if death offered the opportunity of a “do-over” like it did for Eddie the protagonist in this month’s feature film from Spiritual Cinema Circle?

The film is called A Fish Story, and it’s a movie that will change the way you look at death and perhaps more importantly, life. Nick Stern, a loving father and devoted husband, is heading to the lake to put the finishing touches on his wilderness fishing cabin.  Suddenly Eddie, a fugitive on the run, dashes across the road. Nick swerves and crashes. Eddie tries to help, but reluctantly runs away when the sheriff arrives, and Nick dies—alone.

As final as death can feel for the living, for those who’ve crossed over, it may be just the beginning. Nick can’t ‘let go.’ The pain his death has brought to his family is preventing him from ‘moving on.’ So Nick begins a process of renewal that will change everyone in this film.

The heart of this film—in more ways than one—is how Nick and his family are finally given the gift of healing by the most unlikely of redeemers, Eddie. Eddie has his share of misfortune and wrong turns in his life but is nonetheless the perfect person to help Nick get to where he needs to go.

The making of this film was a 25 year odyssey for director Matt Birman - it was also Birman’s debut as a feature film director. Birman describes the journey of making this film as, “a journey of joy, tears, pain, and elation,” undertaken with his life-long best friend Sam Roberts.  Roberts began writing the script in 1987 after the death of his father.

Matt and Sam dreamed for years and years and re-wrote continuously as marriage, children, work and life continued to get in the way. Matt is grateful beyond words that Sam had the faith and trust in his friend to bring an ages-long vision to the screen. Born in Montreal and raised in New York, Matt Birman is the son of two actors and has known only the worlds of stage and films his entire life. ‘a fish story’ marks his directorial feature film debut.

No matter what your personal beliefs are about life after death, this film will warm your heart and inspire you to take pause in the “what if…”  In fact, we enjoyed this film so much, we wanted to give you the opportunity to add it to your collection with a free trial membership in Spiritual Cinema Circle. Spiritual Cinema Circle, now owned by Gaiam, was started by long time friends of The Shift Network: Gay Hendricks, Neale Donald Walsch and Arielle Ford with the intention of shifting the consciousness of entertainment to one that supports the evolution of human consciousness.  We are happy to support this mission! If you choose to enroll, you’ll receive A Fish Story now, plus three wonderfully engaging short films—all on one DVD that you never have to return and of course you can cancel your membership anytime.  

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