The Gift of Radical Heartbreak: Opening to Truly Unconditional Love

Phil Bolsta
Phil Bolsta:
Shift Team Writer

When was the last time your heart broke wide open?

In the depths of despair, did you cry to the heavens and plead to be spared such agony?

And yet, can you now look back at the pain, the suffering, the loneliness... and see how you were transformed — and made stronger and more compassionate?

The moment you recognize the blessings inherent in your suffering, the greater your capacity to transcend your anguish, even as grief and pain threaten to consume you.

That’s why a great poet wrote that we need to lean into the fire of our pain... and burn.

Terrifying as it may be, says scholar-mystic Andrew Harvey, deep heartbreak can awaken you to the devastation of illusions... and to the healing power of unconditional love.

In this 3-minute audio clip, Andrew asks the question, What if heartbreak turns out to be the force that opens your heart to the pain of the world and makes you finally, fully human?

Such is the gift of the Fierce Feminine, who through your heartbreak beckons you through the doorway of a richer, more sacred life, with the love, wisdom, and compassion you need to embody her gifts for personal and collective healing and transformation.

Don’t miss these highlights that Andrew covers in this powerful 3-minute audio:

  • (0:23) — What do you see when you awaken through the grace of the Fierce Feminine?
  • (0:43) — Why is the very thing we are most terrified of perhaps the greatest gift we can be given?
  • (1:20) — What is the Fierce Feminine demanding of us at this critical time in history?
  • (1:41) — What is the Fierce Feminine’s promise to us?
  • (1:59) — How does heartbreak lead us to wise, radical, sacred action?

Allow the Fierce Feminine to rise within you, and you give her permission to carry you out of the darkness and into the light of a new world.

How did a past heartbreak make you stronger? Are you less fearful of heartbreak today?

We’d love to hear from you!

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