This Guided Shamanic Journey Can Empower You to Make Extraordinary Changes

This Guided Shamanic Journey Can Empower You to Make Extraordinary Changes

Marjorie MacIntosh
Marjorie MacIntosh:
Shift Team

Do you have a dream you’ve been holding onto for ages? Maybe it’s that dream of the perfect job or meeting your soulmate or a vision for a healthier, more peaceful planet where we all can thrive.

Perhaps it’s a dream that seems too distant to ever become real… or perhaps it feels like a dream so close that you can nearly touch it….

We all have a desire to manifest something in our lives, whether we’re chasing a great goal of changing the world or just trying to improve ourselves and our relationships.

However, in many cultures, we weren’t given the tools and resources to understand how we can effectively transform our dreams into realities.

That’s why I’m sharing a guided shamanic journey from John Perkins below — to help you discover how you can harness your personal power and use it to manifest the changes you desire.

According to this corporate-businessman-turned-renowned-shamanic-teacher, everything starts as a dream.

Even just reading this post….

To read it, you first had to have the dream, the thought, of opening and turning on your computer.

Then you sent that idea, that energy, to your body, and that energy traveled through your muscular system, and now you’re sitting here reading.  

If we can remember this idea that everything begins as a dream, we understand the ability to access different states — to travel to “different worlds” as John would put it — can be an incredibly powerful tool for creating change in our world.

According to Perkins, this is what shamanism is all about. In fact, he has found in his studies across five continents that the common thread throughout all the different types of shamanism is the actual basic definition of shamanism:  

A woman or man who journeys to other worlds and uses the power, wisdom, and energy from these other worlds to effect change in this world.

“The change can be at a cellular level, an emotional level, or an institutional level,” he says, “but the shaman always uses information, energy,  power or wisdom received in the other worlds to effect real change in this real world.”

The journey below is intended to help you access these other worlds that John speaks of. He learned it many years ago from Mayan shamans in Central America with whom he spent a great deal of time working and training, and he still uses the journey frequently himself.

John will guide you to a sacred place and establish a connection with a higher realm and your higher self, and you will then be able to address questions of your own purpose and mission in life.

This is a beautiful and simple practice for connecting to the power of your dreams and shifting your world.

As you are doing the journey remember that there are no rules. Your journey may end up someplace or somehow different than exactly where or how John is guiding you. If you're drawn to do something quite different, allow it to happen and see what you discover.

So I will invite you now to get in a place where you're very comfortable, relaxed, sitting in a chair or lying on the floor or standing — whatever feels right, but getting very, very relaxed and, whenever you are ready, press “play” and begin your journey….



PS - If you enjoyed the journey above, we'd like to invite you to download a free hour-long audio with esteemed shamanic teacher John Perkins, Shamanic Practices to Change Your Reality.