The Healing Promise of Celestial Herbalism: Integrating Vedic Astrology, Plant Medicine & Ayurveda

The Healing Promise of Celestial Herbalism: Integrating Vedic Astrology, Plant Medicine & Ayurveda

Phil Bolsta
Phil Bolsta:
Shift Team Writer

Imagine combining the curative power of plants with the astrological power of planets to exponentially increase their healing effect on your body, mind, and spirit.

Now imagine adding into this already potent mix the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda…

Given that each of these three systems offers great healing potential in their own right, it’s tremendously exciting to think of the synergy created by applying them together.

Leading Brazilian healer and teacher Arjun Das, an emerging leader in plant medicine, a practitioner of Vedic astrology, and an expert in Ayurveda, has pioneered a powerful synthesis of herbology and astrology called Celestial Herbalism.

Arjun, an expert in all three disciplines, establishes the links between these systems to effectively address and resolve physical, mental, and spiritual conditions in need of healing.

In this 4-minute video, Arjun provides an overview of Celestial Herbalism — and the accelerated healing that’s possible when you integrate Vedic astrology, plant medicine, and Ayurveda...

Don’t miss these highlights that Arjun covers in this compelling video:

  • (0:39) — The wisdom offered by Ayurveda and Vedic astrology
  • (1:33) — How aligning herbs with solar energy results in deeper healing
  • (2:16) — The power of selecting herbs and essential oils based on Ayurvedic doshas
  • (2:56) — Strengthening the mind through Celestial Herbalism
  • (4:13) — Gaining clarity of purpose from combining herbology and astrology

And don’t miss 3:49 when Arjun succinctly explains the nature of mind...

This is the promise of practicing Celestial Herbalism: you’ll harness the healing power of nature’s pharmacy to stay healthy, reduce stress, improve sleep, increase vitality, and more — for yourself, your family, and your clients.

Do you already have experience with herbology, astrology, and/or Ayurveda? Would you like to increase the impact of your current practice? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover how you can elevate your power to heal with plants, celestial influences, Ayurvedic constitutions, and individually tailored remedies during Arjun Das’s free virtual video event, Discover the Power of Celestial Plant Medicine: How to Use Herbalism, Essential Oils, and Vedic Astrology for Healing, Happiness & Spiritual Growth.

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