A Heartfelt Welcome to the Network

A Heartfelt Welcome to the Network

Here’s the updated version of my welcome letter to new members of the Network, which tells the full story of who we are in a way I quite like:

The way I see it, most of our major problems can be solved if enough people shift to a new pattern of being – a new operating system for life on planet earth. The good news is that the new operating system is actually more enjoyable, creative, and fun than the old.

If you’re like me, you have probably wondered what it’s going to take for humanity to finally make that upgrade to the new operating system and awaken to something vast and beautiful and so sensuously divine that it cannot help but express itself in healthy, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous families, communities, and even countries.

That’s what we mean by The Shift. It involves each of us turning fully ON with our brightest potential and sparking others to do the same in a global network of grace that accelerates the dawn of a new era.

The great news is that we truly have everything we need, from enlightened teachers to solar cells, from eco-villages to conscious companies, from grassroots organizations to peace campaigns. We’ve got full access to every transformational tradition and a vast network of new technologies. It’s happening. And fast.

What we don’t have yet is the power of a more singular MOVEMENT that can integrate all the pieces of this new paradigm of living and make them so irresistible, attractive, and fun that doing anything else would seem, well, outdated. Uncool. Passé.

That’s why Shift Movement exists. It’s to build a movement that helps all of the innovators, pioneers, change catalysts, healers, teachers, artists, leaders, and everyday love-spreaders to find each other and create a vast circle of empowerment that calls us into our highest potential and helps us serve the deepest needs of our day.

The way we see it, all of today’s change movements (sustainability, peace, human potential, conscious capitalism, social justice, holistic health, etc.) are part of one singular upgrade to the operating system that runs our minds, hearts, and culture. It’s time for a new global OS, and we’re all here to install the Code. We just help make the teamwork more explicit and the co-creativity more artful.

Our company vision involves building first on the web, then into major media, and finally into a network of growth centers and communities that span the globe. At each stage, our goal is to foster the inter-connectivity between the people, ideas and resources that makes The Shift possible. Shift Movement is an integral component in this vision and so are you.

Much has been written about 2012 as a marker in time. My sense is that we should use this date to really hit the gas pedal on the shift to a new culture and new consciousness.

Let’s ramp it up and take responsibility for making 2012 a historic turning point. Let’s go global. What if we can reach 100 million strong by the end of 2012? That would mean we’d have 1% of the world’s people committed to creating a new template for living that is simply irresistible. Why not?

It’s truly time for humanity to move beyond a world of separate little egos fighting for their slice of the pie to a world based on our deep interconnection, and infused with grace, magic, and beauty. Let’s build The Shift Network so that it reflects the best and brightest in us and makes that world a reality.

And yes, there is a business built on all this, which is what makes it sustainable for everyone involved. Our goal is to have it embody sacred principles at every level and truly serve transformation: yours, your community, and our world. We’ll be giving LOTS away for free. And we’ll be charging reasonable prices for high value services that help you transform your life. And if you ever feel like we fall short of those values, I’d like to hear about it so we keep improving.

Thanks for joining us and I look forward to linking together more strongly in the months and years ahead!