How The “Holy Ideas” of the Enneagram Can Unlock Your True Calling

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

If you’ve worked with The Enneagram, you know it’s useful for understanding your basic personality type and even the types of family members, friends and business associates.

Yet it is SO much more than a system of 9 Personality Types...just as you are SO much more than your type!

Scratch the surface of the Enneagram and you’ll discover a path to your full potential and true calling as a human being.

This profound journey will require self-compassion and self-observation, as you become present to the often-painful aspects of habits of thinking and behavior, according to Russ Hudson, co-founder of the Enneagram Institute and co-author of The Wisdom of the Enneagram and other seminal books.

In this 12-minute audio, you’ll hear from this leading Enneagram “depth” teacher about the dimensions of the Enneagram will help you align your most primal instincts with the “higher” qualities of your heart and mind — for real wholeness.

Observing your dominant type’s mental and emotional patterns (or “fixations and passions” as they are sometimes called) creates space to choose an alternative perspective or behavior.

As the ego softens, the Virtues, or “heart qualities,” as Russ calls them, become accessible to you — preparing you for the core teachings of the 9 Holy Ideas, which are 9 facets of “Higher Mind,” or non-dual consciousness.

The 9 Enneagram Types, Holy Ideas & Virtues:

Type 1: Holy Perfection and Serenity
Type 2: Holy Will and Humility
Type 3: Holy Law and Veracity
Type 4: Holy Origin and Equanimity
Type 5: Holy Omniscience & Non-Attachment
Type 6: Holy Faith & Courage
Type 7: Holy Plan & Constancy
Type 8: Holy Truth & Innocence
Type 9: Holy Love & Right Action

In this audio, Russ also demystifies concepts and terminology of the Enneagram, which can trip up even seasoned explorers.

Here’s what Russ Hudson covers in this insightful audio about the “deeper” Enneagram:

  • (1:40) YOU are more than your Enneagram type
  • (4:10) Aligning your basic human instincts with your highest spiritual aspects
  • (6:51) How to speak Enneagram: The Passions, Fixations, Virtues & Holy Ideas
  • (9:42) Make a date with your own heart and liberate your Higher Mind
  • (11:27) Open the floodgates of kindness through the Enneagram

Do the spiritual dimensions of the Enneagram intrigue you? Have you reached its limits as personality typing system? Do you want to explore this time-tested map of your psyche and soul?

Discover more powerful insights about the Enneagram and the Virtues & Holy Ideas in Russ Hudson’s FREE class, The Enneagram of the Virtues Advanced Teachings Caring for Your Soul by Integrating the Holy Ideas With Your Basic Instincts.