How to Clear Intrusive Energy Through Shamanic Healing, Spirit Guides & Soul Retrieval

The Shift Team
The Shift Team

According to many shamans, illness (or dis-ease) begins with a breakdown in your energy system…

Your lifeforce is susceptible to toxic “intrusions” which diminish your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. And the most intrusive energy may be someone’s hostile thoughts about you — as well as your own negative thoughts about yourself. 

Shamanic teacher and anthropologist Hank Wesselman explains how these intrusions, which he calls “spiritual poison darts,” can take up residence in your body over time and deteriorate your health and vitality, causing low energy, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and more. 

In this short audio, Hank sheds light on two essential shamanic healing practices: extracting invasive energy and soul retrieval.

Don’t miss these highlights that Hank covers in this powerful audio:

(:30) —  What happens when hostile thoughts, or “spiritual poison darts,” enter your energy field

(1:23) — The phenomenon of spirit possession and how these energies are actually trying to protect themselves

(2:07) — How shamans extract invasive energy and restore lifeforce energy 

(2:21) — The phenomenon of soul retrieval and working with spirit allies 

(3:18) — The effect of trauma on your soul and how to retrieve dissociated parts

Shamanic skills are profoundly relevant for our world today, because they root us in the wisdom of the Earth and nature — grounding us and providing direction for clear, steady action in times of crisis.

For the past 40 years, Hank Wesselman has melded traditional shamanic teachings with anthropological insights. He is the author of the seminal Spiritwalker trilogy and has helped lead the rediscovery of traditional shamanism — now a major facet of the spiritual awakening taking place in the Western World.

His powerful insights in this audio shed light on healing that’s possible through energy extraction and soul retrieval, two essential keys in shamanic healing.  

Do you have a shamanic healing story? Have you experienced soul retrieval? We’d love to hear from you!

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