How Does Epigenetics Apply to You?

How Does Epigenetics Apply to You?

In a nutshell, the emerging science of epigenetics illuminates that our genetic expression is not permanently fixed at birth, but actually evolves as we grow and learn.

Through healthy habits and transformational practices as simple as tapping, we can “turn on” disease-preventing genes AND “turn-off” disease-causing genes using things as simple as tapping, meditation and yoga.

This means that you can learn to re-shape how your genes are expressed and you can literally reprogram your cellular pathways – which can dramatically improve your health and well-being, lifespan, and the way in which your body handles disease.

While this science is in its infancy, there are remarkable and practical implications for anyone who is committed to living their full potential.

Epigenetic research is pointing us away from being genetically “doomed” by the hand we are dealt, and empowering us to sculpt our bodies with practices that result in positive genetic expression.

The most important aspects have to do with stress, which has been shown to shorten lives by 9 to 14 years. When you learn to reduce or manage stress better, you can turn off genes that cause your body to age more quickly or become more prone to disease.

For example, many alternative healing modalities affect pathways in the body that, in turn, affect endocrine and nervous function, and then shifts the cellular environment – having a profound effect on genetic expression. As we learn which practices “turn on” helpful genes and “turn off” less harmful ones, we can heal more effectively.

When you build upon this science, you discover that there are potent ways that you can boost your energy, enhance your health – and even potentially extend your lifespan – by working with your genes.

It’s all about shifting from being the “victim” of your genes, by learning the techniques that empower you to influence them.

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