How to Heal Core Wounds, Transform Patterns & Live from Your True Essence Through the Enneagram

How to Heal Core Wounds, Transform Patterns & Live from Your True Essence Through the Enneagram

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

Do you resonate with the authentic power of Type 8? Or the calling to serve from Type 2?

You might also be aware of “negative” aspects of an Enneagram type...

If you’re a Type 1, you might fixate on what’s “wrong,” or as a Type 4, you may have a persistent fear of abandonment.

And, these patterns could be preventing you from expressing your passion and purpose, or from giving and receiving love in healthy ways... or even blocking your spiritual connection.

Fortunately, the Enneagram doesn’t simply point out your challenges and “weaknesses,” it offers you a path for transforming them.

And working more deeply with your Enneagram type can reveal your core wound — and the gifts that emerge as a result of your continued (and compassionate) self-awareness.

According to renowned Enneagram teacher, Jessica Dibb, a core wound describes the specific ways we disconnect from our higher Selves and the Divine, Spirit, God.

Each Enneagram type also heals and experiences love and a sense of purpose, differently...

In the revelatory video below, Jessica reveals the core wounds for each type and how you can be fully present, loved, and engaged in a life of meaning and purpose.

Watch as Jessica shares practical and heartful wisdom about the true power of the deeper Enneagram:

  • (1:06) — Type 8: Access authentic love and power, in lieu of controlling others
  • (2:47) — Type 9: Ground in the unity of all things and the Self
  • (4:16) — Type 1: Recognize sacred perfection in life’s imperfections
  • (5:32) — Type 2: Cultivate self-love and your inner resources
  • (6:45) — Type 3: Manifest your own value, by simply being
  • (7:54) — Type 4: Find depth in the beauty of ordinary life
  • (9:41) — Type 5: Discover the ‘clear intelligence’ of love
  • (11:16) — Type 6: Develop the gift of your inner guidance
  • (12:49) — Type 7: Experience joy and possibilities of the present moment

As you’ll discover in this generous video, the Enneagram is not a system for identifying superficial personality traits — such as a tendency to be aggressive or a perfectionist. It’s a profound map for recognizing and transforming self-limiting patterns, and embracing your true Self.

How does the Enneagram help YOU on your path of healing and growth? Which patterns have you been able to recognize and start to change? We’d love to hear from you!

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